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SBL is participating in this event with 20 kegs for 100 gallons of brew from reclaimed water which will be trucked down from the Gwinnett’s county sanitation plant. In 2021, Savannah will have its own sanitation plant which will make future events like this easier. GA Association of Water Professionals conference organizers are working tirelessly in approving State legislation to allow reclaimed water to be consumed by the public. The President of the GA Association of Water Professionals is making the ReBrew event a major session during their Savannah conference in 2020.

Our participation in ReBrew event with the GA Association of Water Professionals SAV conference and Service Brewing has been green lighted. ReBrew will take place on July 13th and SBL will need 5-7 SBL members to help pour beers from our portable bar. Service Brewing is also on board with hosting the ReBrew event at their brewery. What we need from the SBL is a minimum of 100 bu’s of beers brewed with reclaimed water. We will receive access to this reclaimed water on May 13 which is 7.5 weeks away from the July 13thevent and only really gives us 4-5 weeks to create 100 bu’s. We will need ALL SBL member’s participation in order to fulfill this order. So go ahead and pre plan out some recipes so you can help support your local homebrew club. ALL recipe names will have to be approved by the GA Sanitation Water Professionals board. Sorry to disappoint everyone but the creative names that I have been hearing won’t be approved. So no Poo Brew, Sh!ts Porter, or IPeeA for obvious marketing reasons. This will be a big event for SBL, Savannah, and the GA Association of Water Professionals. SBL is working on getting an article published in Zymurgy (AHA magazine) and the local newspaper on this event.

Kegs, kegs, and kegs. If you have extra kegs that are not in use during the ReBrew timeframe, please loan them out to other members for this event, we will need them.