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Domras Origins

Domras Origins

Named in honor of Chuck Domras, Domras Cup Mead Competition is one of the longest-continuously-running, mead-only competitions in the world…that we know of. Entries arrive from around the globe to be assessed by certified mead judges and compete in the pursuit of honey-wine perfection.

The Domras Cup began in 1999 as a small, club-only competition between several serious local mead-makers. It quickly became a regional competition where mead-makers from coastal Georgia and South Carolina plied their wares in search of getting their name etched on the famous cup.

It was fittingly named in honor of Chuck Domras, a gregarious and outgoing member of Savannah Brewers League who was quite fond of mead (the making and imbibing of), who had passed away earlier that year.

The little Domras Cup Mead Competition has grown to be one of the “longest-continuously-running, mead-only competitions” …in the world! We are continuously looking at ways to improve the event and judging of meads. Domras Cup utilizes BJCP certified mead judges at each table.

Domras Cup is part of the East Coast Mead Competition Series and the Southeastern Homebrew Association Competition Series.