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November Monthly Meeting Minutes

I want to take the time and ask any one that is active or retired military please stand. Nov 11 is veterans day and Nov 24 is thanksgiving so i want to take a second and thank you for your service. probst! Guest/New Members:  29 members, including Steve, President #12(ish) Who is brewing? Club total:750… Read More »November Monthly Meeting Minutes

October Monthly Meeting Notes

“Another day, another bender. no retreat no surrender” Guest/New Members: 31  members and 1 guest attended Who is brewing? Club total:750 Upcoming  Events: 9/7 September Monthly Meeting @ MRBC 9/11 Sept. Stammtisch @tall deck Beckers 9/21Toast at O’connell’s at 7 pm    Do I need to reach out to the pub 10/2 Festovall Stammtisch @… Read More »October Monthly Meeting Notes

FestOvall Shifted to Sunday!!

This month’s Stammtisch has been shifted to Sunday, October 2nd due to the incoming hurricane. All other details remain the same. See you all there!

September Monthly Meeting

May you live all the days of your life, so this is to the holidays- all 365 of them!  Probst Guest/New Members: 22 members and 2 guest attended (Larry and Jill, joined after meeting!) Who is brewing? Club total: Upcoming  Events: 8/3 August Monthly Meeting @ MRBC 7:30 8/20 midday in the beer garden –… Read More »September Monthly Meeting

August Monthly Meeting Notes

“May the roof above these friends never fall in, and may the friends beneath this roof never fall out.“  Guest/New Members: 30 members and 1 guest (Patrick) attended Who is brewing? Club total: 593 (Answer: lots of people, get those BU’s reported on the facebook thread!) Upcoming  Events:7/23 July Stammtisch Cheryl and Dave Holesovsky7/23 Mid-Year… Read More »August Monthly Meeting Notes

June 2022 Monthly Meeting notes

“Heres to bread., for without there would be no toast. The past history, the future is a mystery, but today is a gift, because it’s the present.”  Guest/New Members: 31 members and __guest attended Who is brewing? Club total: 432.5 Upcoming  Events: 5/14 May Stammtisch Tom Hadjin @ tybee6/1 June Monthly Meeting @ MRBC 7:306/??… Read More »June 2022 Monthly Meeting notes

5/4/22- May Monthly Meeting

“One bottle for four of us,Thank God there’s no more of us!”Guest/New Members:28 members and 0 guest attended Who is brewing? Club total: 279Upcoming Events:4/30 April Stammtisch Kyle and Jerry (120 bluffside circle savannah 31404) 4pm – till5/4 May Monthly Meeting @ MRBC 7:30pm5/7 Big Brew Day at Moon River Garden (Noon – 5)5/14 May… Read More »5/4/22- May Monthly Meeting

04/06/22 April Monthly Meeting

May our house always be too small to hold all of our friends. – Myrtle Reed  Guest/New Members: members and __ guest attended Who is brewing? Club total: 186 Upcoming  Events: 4/6 April Monthly Meeting @ MRBC 7:30pm 4/30 April Stammtisch Kyle and Jerry (120 bluffside circle savannah 31404)  4pm – till5/4 May Monthly Meeting… Read More »04/06/22 April Monthly Meeting

2/2/22 Monthly Meeting Notes

Toast: Here’s to Beer because Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer. – Henry Lawson Guest/New Members: 33 members and 3 guest attended Who is brewing? Club total: 44 bu’s2021: 1290 bu’sEvents:1/10/22 Domras Cup shipping/registration/edit deadline 9am1/14/22 Old Bruin Barrel Fill @ Jonathan’s –1/15/22 Jan Stammtisch @ TJ’s 5pm1/30/22 Domras… Read More »2/2/22 Monthly Meeting Notes

Domras Cup is OPEN!!

2022 Domras Cup is accepting entries on the competition website. Registration/drop off closes on 1/10/2022. See and calendar below for more details.

12/1/2021 – December Meeting Notes

Toast: “I wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, A pocket full of money, And a cellar full of beer.” –  Anonymous Guest/New Members: 28 members and 3 guest attended Who is brewing? Club total: 1,024 bu’s Events: 11/3 Nov Monthly Meeting @ MRBC 7:30pm (SBL Elections) 11/6 Learn To Homebrew Day… Read More »12/1/2021 – December Meeting Notes

11/3/21 November Meeting Notes

Toast: “Whiskey’s too tough, Champagne costs too much, Vodka puts my mouth in gear, I hope this refrain, Will help me explain, As a matter of fact, I like beer!” – Tom T. Hall  Guest/New Members: 27 members attended the meeting. Who is brewing? Club total: 932 bu’s. 14 people have been brewing in the… Read More »11/3/21 November Meeting Notes