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May 2024 Meeting Minutes

Savannah Brewers League


“To the simple pleasures in life: good friends, good brews, and good times. Cheers!”

Guests/New Members

23 members were present. No guests or new members.

Who is Brewing?

The current club total for 2024 is 285.5 BUs.

Upcoming Events

  • 04 MAY – Big Brew Day at Debellation
  • 25 MAY – Stammtisch hosted by Roger
  • 05 JUN – SBL Monthly Meeting, Moon River, 7:30pm
  • 22 JUN – Mid Year Competition and Stammtisch hosted by The Bouchers
  • 03 JUL – SBL Monthly Meeting, Moon River, 7:30pm
  • 16 JUL – ReBrew at Moon River

New Business

The members discussed starting the meeting earlier and the proposed time was 7pm. There are 46 paid members of the club so a vote of at least 24 would be required to pass the motion. Since there were not enough members present, everyone agreed to a digital vote on the members only FaceBook page. It will be posted in the next week and will be open for 96 hours.

Committee Discussion

Pink Points/Mike’s Mentionables/Alex’s Assessment

There are several beers that will be on tap soon including a Mexican lager with toasted corn, a Pilsner that will be dry hopped, and an American Brown Ale. Moon River will be at the Georgia Craft Beer Festival in the Atlanta area on May 18. There is a discount code available for those wanted to buy tickets and go.

Treasurer’s Report

Gene gave his report to the members which included the general budget and the Domras Cup 2024 budget. Domras cup is not completely settled yet.

Barrel Committee

  • Barrel 1 – Scottish Ale: this has gone sour and there is pellicule in the barrel, it will be left there to sour further
  • Barrel 2 – Lambic: this is still going strong


The pickup date for water at Coastal Empire is May 11. Henry will also most likely be available for ingredient pickup. $20 per person is available to help cover the costs. We will potentially rent tents to put up along one side of the beer garden at Moon River for the event. There will be a Best of Show vote along with a “Best of Style” according to BJCP guidelines. The demographic for the event is younger “beer nerds.”


Kristen swept the Quarter Quell competition, placing first, second, and third.

The mid-year competition will be held at the Bouchers’ house. It will be held on June 22 and will include wheat and Belgian styles, BJCP categories 1D, 10, and 23-26.

ReBrew is on July 16 at Moon River. Members will need to brew 8-10 gal of beer. The ABV must be under 5.5%. The event will be held 5:30-7 PM.

Old Business

Meredith is waiting to hear back from Moon River to see if the downstairs room is available 15 or 22 MAY for the BJCP cider exam prep classes.

Upcoming Stammtisch

  • May – Roger, 25 MAY at 5 PM
  • June – Boucher along with mid-year competition, 22 JUN
  • July – Cheryl and Dave, 27 JUL
  • August – Eckles along with the Uber Open
  • September – C. Welch

Tech Talk

Lee discussed hosting an ingredient sensory class for members. He proposed to hold monthly sensory/tasting classes to go over beer ingredients in depth (hops, grains, etc.). After discussion, members agreed that we could have this in place of the tech talk at the end of monthly meetings.

Other Announcements

Chandler said that he has 50 lbs of honey leftover from Domras Cup. Members discussed using it for a mead barrel project. Members wanting to participate would have to use some of their own honey as well. We will need to get a new barrel and find a place to house it.

There is still room for four more people on the Germany trip!

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