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Are you a AHA member?

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The Savannah Brewers League needs club members to join the AHA

To help generate extra revenue for Savannah Brewers League, we encourage club members to join the AHA (American Homebrewers Association) through your club’s custom membership referral page listed below:

Join the AHA

Savannah Brewers League will receive $5.00 from the AHA for every new (or renewing) person who joins the AHA through this above link. This link functions year round as part of the AHA’s web banner program, and checks are issued quarterly to the club.


Are you a Savannah Brewers League member and already part of the AHA?

Club members who have joined the AHA need to confirm their membership record reflects club affiliation by following these simple steps listed in the link below.

How to Add Homebrew Club Affiliation to Your AHA Member Profile


What are the benefits of Joining the AHA?

1. AHA Member Deals: Enjoy AHA Member Deals at over a thousand participating locations including breweries, pubs, restaurants, homebrew supply shops and more!
2. Enjoy six issues per year of the longest-running homebrew magazine, delivered straight to your door.
3. Exclusive Events including Homebrew Con, National Homebrew Competition, AHA Rallies and more
4. Brew Guru delivers money-saving deals on beer, food and homebrew supplies *AND* serves up the finest homebrew recipes on the planet.
5. Extensive library of award winning recipes, clones, and sought after beers/meads/ciders you cant just pick up at your local bottle shop. So why not brew it yourself!

Join today and list the Savannah Brewers League as your local Homebrew club!