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6/3/2020 – June Virtual Monthly Meeting Notes

6/3/2020 – Jun Virtual Monthly Meeting Notes

Toast: “The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind” – Humphrey Bogart

We had 14 members call into the virtual meeting. Everyone seemed eager to sit back and talk beer for a change of pace. 

Guest/New Members: Kyle joined for his first meeting and is interested in learning more. Also, in the last two months we have had 4 new members join. So make sure to welcome the new faces when you see them. 

Gene mentioned that he saw some new faces he has not met before at The Brew Shop. Members should be encouraged to reach out and invite guests to the monthly meetings and public events so that we can help grow our home brewing community. It is always nice to have someone local to bounce homebrewing ideas or suggestions off of instead of throwing up questions to random people on the internet.

Who is brewing? Seems that there is a good amount of members actively brewing. So much so that we are on track to collectively brew more as a club then in years past. The club is currently standing at 624 bu’s at the time of this meeting. Last year’s count was 804, so keep up the good work.

Recap and Upcoming Events:

  • 5/16: Loading Stammtisch @ Neil’s
  • 6/3: SBL Virtual Monthly Meeting
  • 6/13: The Brew Shop Stammtisch 11am (TBD)
  • 6/18 – 6/20: Virtual NHC
  • 6/??: <Open> SBL Happy Hour
  • 7/1: SBL Monthly Meeting @ Moon River (TBD)
  • 7/18: Mid-Year Beer Competition @ Patrick’s (TBD)
  • 7/??: Fill the Barrel #3 and Bottle Slaying @ Vince’s
  • 7/??: <Open> SBL Happy Hour
  • 8/5: SBL Monthly Meeting @ Moon River
  • 8/22: Uber Open IV Lemoncello only competition @ Stovall’s
  • 8/??: <Open> SBL Happy Hour

Group Brew/Stammtisch: After much discussion, the club has decided to allow Group Brews and Stammtisch again. Obviously if you have any concerns about attending, It is not a requirement that members attend. We leave those decisions up to the host and the individuals. Any public events will comply with standards and practices currently in place and obtain permission from the host prior to posting the event.

SBL Merchandise:

SBL stickers are in the mail to TJ and should be arriving sometime this week. He will be handing out 2 stickers per member at the next couple events. The rest will go to swag bags for Domras, marketing for the club, and to sponsors. Any other remaining after that will be on sale for $1 apiece. Total expenditure for the getting the stickers made was $421.20 with $100 donation from The Brew Shop.

The next merchandise pursuit will be SBL tulip glasses. We will couple this order with getting some more Domras glasses made for 2021 since we do not have enough to continue giving them out in swag bags and volunteers. After glasses have been ordered we will pursue getting some t-shirts made. More details to come as we send out quotes for these items.

Mid-Year Beer Competition:

Scott and TJ will be taking down the Domras site and setting up the member only Mid-Year Beer Competition. Any style and any abv accepted. Event to occur on 7/18 so you still have some time to plan out those winning recipes.

Uber Open IV Lemoncello only Competition:

Set for 8/22 at Stovall’s house there is still time to get your Lemoncello started. Plan on 4 categories if Andrew doesn’t sneak in a ringer. More details to come as we get closer to this event.

Open Discussions:

  • Keeping the monthly meeting at Moon River for the foreseeable future to keep routine things routine. Although the club reserves the right to move the meeting to another location if Moon River cannot support.
  • TJ has actions to finish setting up the website photo gallery
  • TJ created a new FaceBook group to help the local homebrew community sell/buy new and used homebrew equipment outside SBL. Check it out on FaceBook, Savannah Homebrew Yard Sale.
  • Scott has the next barrel project barrel ready to go. Planning on filling the barrel in July. What we will be filling it with is yet to be determined.
  • Vince has 2-3 5 gallon buckets of honey to donate to the next barrel project.
  • Zymurgy articles: Domras Cup spotlight, SBL 27 years old spotlight. Buddemeier agreed to write articles. Will be contacting AHA to get a list of requirements for Zymurgy articles.
  • SBL Euro Trip fall 2021, looking to have about 14-16 people. Stovall planning trip, locations and dates TBD but will have everything ironed out 6 months before departure.
  • Virtual NHC : Vince and Scott are attending

Treasury Report:

SBL has roughly $4,900 in the bank. We had 3 new members pay dues in May (+$74.85) and 2 expenses, SBL stickers (-$421.20) and the annual renewal of SBL domain name urls (-$26). Gene will also be looking into obtaining a debt card for the bank account to help with auto renewal cost incurred by the club.

Pro Corner:

Brew Master and Owner, Jeremy, from Split Fin Brewing in Midway called in to give a little talk about his new brewery. He has a small 3bbl system in a building just off I-95 hwy 84. He spoke about the challenges he faced opening a brewery in a small town and how he had to change multiple laws in order for a brewery to be allowed to operate. He even managed to help the city council to allow Sunday alcohol sales. Please visit him at his new brewery, Split Fin Brewing in Midway Ga.