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1/6/21 – January Meeting Notes

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Toast: “Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel doesn’t go nearly as well with a pizza.” – Dave Berry

Guest/New Members: Taylor, Wells

Who is brewing? 2020 Record 1252.75 bu’s! 2021 19 bu’s


  • 12/2 Dec Monthly Meeting @ Moon River Brewing Company 7:30pm
  • 12/12 Christmas Stammtisch @ Wilson’s 5pm
  • 12/6 12/13 Fill the Barrel @ James’s 12pm
  • 1/6/21 January Monthly meeting @ Moon River Brewing Company 7:30pm
  • 1/16/21 January Stammtisch @ TJ & Julie’s house 5:00pm
  • 1/23/21 Domras Cup Sorting/Session 1 @ Wilson’s 12pm
  • 1/30/21 Domras Cup Session 2 @ Stovall’s (Pending)
  • 2/3/21 Feb Monthly meeting @ Moon River Brewing Company 7:30pm
  • 2/6/21 Domras Cup Session 3 @ Captain Butler’s on Whitemarsh Island 8:00am

New Business:

  • The SBL Bar has been dropped off at Coastal’s lobby storage room for storage. If a SBL member needs to borrow for an event please let us know.
  • Several members are interested in testing for the BJCP Beer exam. Stovall to start classes after Domras in March. Stovall: Water, Boucher: Yeast.
  • New Year, time to renew your annual dues. Please see Gene the Treasure to provide payment.
  • The SBL member with the highest bu’s was awarded Brewer of the Year.
  • We will need people to register for judging, stewarding, and staffing multiple sessions on 1/23 at Wilson’s and finally on 2/6 at Captain Butler’s on Whitemarsh island. Registration is closed so I hope everyone got their entries in. 26 of 157 (17%) entries are from SBL. We have entries from 21 of 50 states and as far away as Poland and Germany.
  • Due to the pandemic I am going to cancel the Raffle and move those items to the swag bags. Gene, the Treasure, approved $100 of SBL funds to purchase swag bag items from The Brew Shop. We want to ensure that our volunteers are rewarded for assisting us with Domras during these difficult times. If larger donations arrive we will hold a door prize give away where all volueteers will get 1 ticket and the items will be raffled off.
  • Beer Beauty Contest at the Domras Cup. An entry is a single keg of beer, any style, and any gravity. Bring cash to Domras and vote with your dollars for the best Bear Beauty entry. Money raised will be donated to the local Ronald McDonald House.
  • Jonathan is interested in doing a real Ginger Ale beer and is look to see if anyone has done one before. If you have reach out to him.
  • If you have any six pack holders or 12 back bottle boxes, please drop them off at Wilson’s house to help with the incoming Domras Cup entries.
  • SBL is looking for some spent barrels to break up and make hand crafted awards from. If you have some please let us know.

Old Business:

  • SBL Glassware: Steve M. to pick his up from James at Domras.
  • TJ has checked with our glassware vendor and have identified some taster sample glassware. We will look deeper into this after Domras Cup.
  • Have you visited the SBL library? Go check it out.


  • 2/6/21 Domras Cup @ location Captain Butler’s Whitemarsh Island
  • 2/6/21 Beer Beauty Contest (less than 6%)
  • 2/27/21 PSBO (Peach State Brew Off, Atlanta)
  • 3/20/21 Funky or Fresh Team Homebrew competition (North Charleston)


  • Jan – TJ – 1/16/21
  • Feb – Domras 2/6/21
  • March – Tom H.

Upcoming Group Brew Day:

  • None scheduled

Barrel Committee: (Gene, Vince, Scott, James)

  • Barrel Project #3: Braggot. Scott and Vince how is the barrel going?
  • Barrel Project #4: Russian Imperial Stout with cocoa powder. SBL filled the barrel on 12/13. We will start sampling it to see if we need to pull the beer in Feb.
  • Barrel Project #5: Use same barrel from barrel project #4. Going to be the final beer in this barrel so we will do a sour beer.

Tech Talk: Lemoncello (Stovall) Since lemons and other citrus trees ripen in the Savannah area around this time of year. Stovall gave his lemoncello talk by explaining best practices and a step by step process.