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August Monthly Meeting Notes

May the roof above these friends never fall in, and may the friends beneath this roof never fall out. 

Guest/New Members: 30 members and 1 guest (Patrick) attended

Who is brewing? Club total: 593 (Answer: lots of people, get those BU’s reported on the facebook thread!)

Upcoming  Events:
7/23 July Stammtisch Cheryl and Dave Holesovsky
7/23 Mid-Year Beer Competition  at the june stammtisch
8/3 August Monthly Meeting @ MRBC 7:30
8/6 Mead day dont have a  plan for this

8/20 midday in the beer garden
8/27 August stammtisch (Jon E.) 12-5 pm
8/27 Uber open 12-5 pm

9/7 September Monthly Meeting @ MRBC

9/?? Sept. Stammtisch

9/21Toast at O’connellsat 7 pm

10/1 Festovall Stammtisch  @ Stovall (5PMish, wear lederhosen or dirndl) 

11/5 Learn how to brew day

11/19 O’Dark 30 and NOV Stammtisch

New Business:

  New Secretary
Bill Austin has decided to become the new secretary

 Spotlight Brewery: None

Committee Discussion:

CCA Blue Brew BBQ & Bourbon (B4) (Austin T.) – Coastal Conservation Association, an organization that helps preserve fish, wildlife, and water quality, will be hosting. Eastern River Warf, 10/22, 11-12 VIP Only, 12-3pm Open to the Public. Up to 20 breweries, 6 liquor booths, lots of BBQ, 3 bands. Will be looking for volunteers, more details to come.

Mike’s Mentionables – Will be attending B4, 4 beers sent to GABF (Savannah Fest, Yoga Pants, Captain’s Porter, Taterlicious. Willing to look into GABF Pro-Am, need to work a club comp early in the year to make the timeline. 02 SEP is Tater Day Weekend, Taterlicious release

Midday in the Beer Garden: Need 20ish volunteers, donuts provided. Volunteersneeded at 9, doors open at 11, done at 3pm.

Treasurer’s Report (Gene)

Club purchase three pitchers of Skygazer Plum Saison for the monthly meeting

National Homebrew Conference in Pittsburg, Pa (Gene)
We have things written down for next year correct? lets get those on the google drive

SBL had the most kegs at NHC, everyone raved about the old burin 

Not all were finished most were down to ⅓ or ¼

may need more signs next time, plus more swag. Stickers are a hard yes

Gene is looking at options for a smaller mobile bar

Barrel Committee: (Gene, Vince, Scott, James, Jon E., Roger):

Barrel Project Alpha 6 (sixth run our first barrel) working on getting last 5 BU of the lambic in

Barrel Project Beta 1 

A new whiskey  barrel was obtained thanks to David little. 

Chris Pye and Jonathan E are honorable mentions for helping with day of. 

Need to open and decide to add more bourbon to it and plan for a brew soon

Options: Belgian Trippel? Golden Strong Ale?

Zymurgy Article (Meridith)

still waiting to hear back, no update

Stammtisch July(Cheryl and Dave Holesovsky)
How was it? Answer – Great! Special thanks to Dave and Cheryl

Stammtisch August (Jon E. )

11:30 Set up, 1200 Uber Open judging begins, 3pm Stammtisch starts

Same day as the Uber open, all entries must be there by 1130
You must have a ride if you plan to judge at the stammtisch. 

Bring a bathing suit

Three categories: 1) Traditional, 2) Other Fruit, 3) Experimental

Three entries per person

Big Brew day
Winner was levi with his belgium dubbel 

Winner (Levi’s Dubbel) gets brewed at moon river, release TBD

5 members brewed on May 7th but only 4 beers were brought for the Comp.

Mid Year Beer competition 

Winner gets brewed at Hopatomica

1st Jonathan Eckles Wheach Way?
2nd Lee Emmons Space Wrangler IPA
3rd Kyle Powers Amber From Another

Merch interest (Chandler)
The design sent out over email and shown on FB the price is 

The price per shirt for comfort colors will be $21 for 24-47 and 48-71 $19 add $1.50 per X over XL

For the next level cotton or cotton/poly blend tees the cost will be $16 for 24-47 and $14 for 48-71 with the same upcharges for 2X and above. 

Also I plan on creating a new sticker for the participants of the barrel projects. 

We need new/more stickers for the club – looking for tag line ideas


-Colonial Cup 2022

-Mid-Year Beer (July 23 ) at the July stammtisch, Organizer is Chris Martin, Winner gets brewed at hopatimica 

-Uber Open cello (AUG)

-O-dark 30 (NOV) Brewed at Coastal Empire Brewing

-Looking for ideas and thoughts next meeting on how to do more

Old Business:
-Brewer of the Year award / Competitor of the year in work. Final tally to be completed by Jan meeting. TJ has the barrel staves. Look into club email for reporting this stuff in the future. Any competitions outside of the COC/Domras should be self-reported to Sonja E. Email [email protected] to get her contact info.

-Wetlands in richmond hill cost 250$ plus a 200$ deposit for domras

-If you do a Tech Talk, you get a hand crafted bottle opener or stopper from the prez

August – Jonathan E

September – Vince, date TBD

October – Stovall 10/1
November –
December – 

Upcoming Group Brew Day:


Tech Talk: Scott about being the Registrar

October: Taterlicious

Ideas: Fermentation station Laura Potts
Radler TJ Cline

Sanitation Sonja

General Discussion:

-Idea raised to have an informal “Style of the Month” mini-comp judged at Stammtisches. Style needs to be identified at least two months out.
-Interactions with other clubs was brought up, discussed sending people to some of their meetings or getting a small competition together