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2018 December Newsletter

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If you missed the December meeting at Moon River then you missed a great one… and John Pinkerton in yoga pants holding Moon River’s own “Sparkle Britches” glitter beer. That last part I still want to forget, lol.

We had an outstanding showing of members at the last meeting, 35 people! Which was great because we were able to do the end of year elections to a full house. SBL had a great 2018 brewing year in the Southeastern Homebrewers Association (SHA) competition circuit. The club brewed 472 brewing units [bu] (15.23 bbl) and placed 8 times in 14 competitions. I think that might be a SBL record?

Membership Reminder: SBL membership dues are due in January. Click here to pay now if you haven’t already done so.

Congratulations to our new SBL officers:

  • President: Neil (Noah Body) Doherty
  • Secretary: TJ Cline
  • Treasure: Kelly Kramer (re-elected)
  • Sgt. At Arms: <open for Presidential appointment>
  • Webmaster: Chris Watkins (previously appointed)

Brewing Announcements!:

  • At the XXI Domras Cup there will be a Beauty Pageant Beer competition where members are encouraged to bring kegs and bottles of homebrew. Participates will vote with their wallet in a ballot box style beauty pageant. Winner gains bragging rights and possibly some swag if we can swing it (TBD). Monies collected will be donated to the Moon River sponsored charity “Matt’s Moon Cruise” (bicycle campaign?). More details to come forward about the charity in the January meeting.
  • Domras Cup is fast approaching the cap so if you have a mead to enter you need to do it fast. Here is the link to the Domras Cup competition.

2018 Brewing totals (for bragging rights!) *all bu below are self reported via meetings or Facebook

  • Neil 180.5 bu
  • Chris Stoval: 63 bu
  • Jeremy Buddemeier: 54 bu
  • Andrew Schmidt: 43 bu
  • Jereld Jameson: 40 bu
  • Gene Edwards: 36.5 bu
  • John Wilson 32 bu
  • TJ Cline: 23 bu

Congratulations to the 2018 SBL winners: 

  • Brewer of the Year: Neil (Noah Body) Doherty, 180.5 bu
  • Competitor of the Year: Jeremy Buddemeier, Baltic Porter won 1st (BOS), 2nd, & 3rd place in 4 competitions (same batch in all comps)

Recap on the rest of the 2018 winners:

  • TJ Cline: Triple Crown Bourbon Barrel Ale, 1st place @ US Open
  • Andrew Schmidt: Traditional Lemoncello, 1st place @ Uber Open
  • Sonja Edwards: Non-Traditional Strawberry Lemoncello, 1st place @ Uber Open
  • Scott Burns: Interclub competition, 1st place (winning recipe was brewed at Service Brewing)
  • Neil Doherty: placed in a SHA circuit competition

Upcoming Club Events!

  • 12/15 @ 6pm: Christmas Stammtish in Garden City.           <Paid Members Only>
  • 1/2/19 @ 7:30pm: SBL monthly meeting in the basement of Moon River Brewing Company. Club officers are asked to arrive at 6:30pm to discuss Domras Cup.           <Guest are welcome to attend>
  • 1/12/19 @ 6pm: January Stammtish in Guyton.           <Paid Members Only>
  • 2/2/19 @ 8am: SBL host XXI Domras Cup mead only competition at the Richmond Hill Wetlands Center, 240 Cedar Street Richmond Hill GA.           <Paid Members, Judges, Stewards, and Voluteers Only>
  • 2/6/19 @ 7:30pm: SBL monthly meeting in the basement of Moon River Brewing Company.           <Guest are welcome to attend.>

As a closing reminder, please be safe this holiday season as you travel. Don’t forget to share in the holiday cheer, spirits, and yule times with family and friends as you pop that dusty bottle of Homebrew and relax. If you brew during this holiday season remember “RDWHAHB” (Relax, Don’t Worry, Have A Home Brew).