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January Meeting Minutes 1/2/19

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There was a pre-meeting before the regular meeting for organizing club members for the Domras Cup competition mead only event on 2/2/2019. Information for the pre-meeting will be sent in a separate email to SBL members.

Overall it was a great meeting with 26 attendees running 115 minutes long. Moon River’s cask of the night was a S’more Beer which was delicious. Neil, the newly elected SBL president spoke and discussed multiple subjects during the meeting.


There was 1 guest who attended who was very eager to learn about homebrewing who heard about the SBL through a google search.

Who is brewing?

5 members have brewed in 2019ish for a combined beginning total of 30 brewing units for the club. Out of simplicity, anyone who announced brewing after the 2018 totals were finalized has been grandfathered into 2019.

2019 SBL Club dues

As a reminder, multiple long time members discussed the benefits to paying the $25 annual dues per family. These benefits are: $3 QA mug at Moon River, invitations to SBL member only events (monthly stammtish, Domras Cup, Uber Open, Summer Sizzler, LHTB Day, Big Brew Day, Moon River Holiday Party, etc.), payment of the Homebrew Club accidental insurance, local/reginal/national homebrew competitions circuits, and much much more. Click here to pay your 2019 dues now.

Sewage Brew Conference

Chris S. has already committed the SBL to create 100 gallons of beer made with reclaimed water. For those interested, brewers will be given RO (reverse osmosis) water in May to brew and have ready for pouring at the event on the 3rd week of July during a Sanitation and Sewage Conference being held in Savannah. Because of the committed amount, 20 kegs 100 gallons, the SBL will need 12-15 brewers to volunteer to brew for this event by April meeting. There will also be an opportunity for volunteers to pour at the event. This event will be a BIG publicity for the SBL, so let’s put our best foot forward and pull out your favorite and winning recipes.

Brew Tours

In 2019, Neil suggests that the SBL organize a Brews Cruise event to multiple breweries. Some of our members attended a Beer Label Society Brews Cruise last year and agreed that this could be done at some point in the future AFTER the Domras Cup.

Club Shirts

TJ presented an option to possibly help remove a vendor issue with the embroidery quality by going to a patch maker and making the member responsible for the shirt. This idea was removed as an option as it doesn’t resolve the embroidery quality issue. Once Gene provides the embroidery logo file; Gene, Sonja, Vince, and Neil will reach out to vendors with the embroidery file to see if a vendor could provide the quality desired. If Sonja can do it on a at-home machine, a vendor shouldn’t have an issue. The vendor Queensboro doesn’t meet the SBL standards for embroidery quality. It appears the main issue is the number of stich and colors in the SBL logo. Changing the logo is not an option but colors could be limited to a smaller number as Sonja pointed out.

2019 AHA Homebrew Con

This event will be on June 27-30th in Providence Rhode Island. Gene says that hotels are running roughly $200 a night and if you’re going you need to schedule your room with the hotel sooner than later. The SBL will not be hosting beer for club night as we have already committed to the Sewage Brew Con. Also, if you go there will be BJCP exams on June 26th. Gene and Sonja have committed to attending this event.

Sargent at Arms appointment

Neil nominated, motion was carried by the club with no objections, and appointed Jeremy B. to the position of Sargent at Arms. Congratulations Jeremy!


Wilson briefly discussed the past December Stammtish and thanked Gene for bringing back 4 Belgium brews from the 25th anniversary SBL Euro Trip that were happily shared at the December Stammtish. TJ discussed the upcoming January Stammtish on 1/12 at 6 pm at his house in Guyton. Contact him for more details. It was also reiterated that members should pay their dues so that they can attend club events, like the monthly stammtish, because this is where all the member’s homebrews are served.

Tech Talk

Chris S, gave out a PowerPoint and demonstrated how to make limoncello. He also discussed the SBL sponsored Uber Open in the 2nd or 3rd weekend of August (TBD). Yes there were samples passed around, YUM!

Vince’s Honey Pot special

Two meetings ago Vince offered an opportunity to members of the SBL to acquire left over buckets of honey from Savannah Bee for $1.00 a pound. Along with this was also an offer for $4.00 a gallon of cider (unfermented). Vince said several members took him up on this offer and he was going to look out for another opportunity to do this for the club members in the future.

Buzz from Bee-Town

Its official, last week Bee-Town Mead and Cider in Bluffton delivered their first batch of products into GA! If you need bottles, Mike has several cases of 750 ml clear glass bottles to give away, please contact him.

Pink’s Notes from Moon River

The Bomb Irish Stout releases this Friday. Pink and team hope to brew this beer 3 times this year and have it on tap through St. Patties. Also going on tap very soon is a Brut IPA from the collaboration with Costal Empire. Finally for those who love a good pucker factor, Moon River brew team is working on another sour beer, more details on this coming soon.

Future Tech Talk discussion

Because of an heavily commented online discussion on the SBL Facebook group about false bottoms in a Mash Lauter Tun that Gene built recently. Frank, Wilson, and Gene will tackle a Tech Talk in March on how to build and get the most out of your false bottom and hopefully increase your efficiency and reduce dead space.

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