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2/6/19 Feb Meeting Notes

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Roughly 25 members in attendance with 1 guest

Who is brewing?

Jeremy B. – Vienna Lager

Gerald J. – 4 IPAs, 1 Porter

Tom H. – Wisenbock

Neil and Jeremy recently ordered large bags of malt for some upcoming brews they are planning. Neil has stepped up and acquired a monster mash mill for crushing those grains. The club is looking to do some ingredient specific brew days in the near future.

Domras Cup Mead Competition

No ribbons were given out today since Chris S. was not present. Plan on ribbons being handed out in March. Also, need to figure out what to do with all the prizes and raffle items collected for Domras that were not given away. We had an excellent showing this year at Domras with SBL representing 16% (30) of total entries and receiving 10% (4) of all the ribbons. There were 193 entries in total that were judged in 3 sessions and 39 ribbons will be given out to those skillful mead makers. We had 64 volunteer judges, stewards, and staff help orchestrate this year’s competition with 65 participants with entries. The entries came from all four corners of the USA, Honolulu, New York, New Mexico, and one participant in Poland. This was, on many accounts, the best and smoothest Domras Cup so far.

Domras Cup Beer Beauty Pageant

We had 8 kegs show up for judging and raised $117 to go to Moon River’s contribution for the 7th Annual Matt’s Moon River Cruise for the Dave Goodell from the Backroom Tappers in Richmond Hill won the Domras Beer Beauty Pageant with his fabulous tasting Mint Stout.

Domras Follow Up Question

“If you could do one thing to improve the Domras Cup, what would you do?” Please send all answers to our SBL Secretary, TJ C.

Beer Dinner

Moon River and White Whale Craft Ales are hosting a Beer Dinner pairing on 2/9 7 pm – 9 pm with 6 courses from Moon Rivers Chef Keisha Gadson. $35 a person, $75 a couple. Call 912-358-0724 for reservations.

SBL Club night at Fia Rua Irish Pub

As an outgoing thank you from the club, multiple members will be joining the Backroom Tappers at their monthly meeting on 2/21/19 7:30 pm at Fia Rua Irish Pub in Richmond Hill. Plan on meeting at the bar for food and drinks, followed shortly by a trip to the Backroom for some homebrew.

Tech Talk

We didn’t have a tech talk in February but March’s tech talk will be on False Bottom construction, the different types, and how to get the most out of your mash tun. Gene E., J. Wilson, Jason P., and Scott B. will have talking points for March’s meeting.

SBL Interclub Beer Competition

Plan on having an interclub beer competition on July 20th. The theme is “Dark Beer”, no restrictions on OG or abv. Location is not yet set, so if you have a suggestion for a great venue, please let us know.

Homebrew Con and National Homebrew Competition

A couple of members are planning on going to Homebrew Con this year on June 27-29 in Providence Rhode Island. For those going, we suggest to book your hotels now in order to get one close to the venue. Since the Poo Brew Conference is postpone till spring 2020 there is a possibility that SBL could combine efforts with other local clubs to supply a couple of kegs for Club Night. No set arrangements have been set yet.

Uber Open

Reminder now is the time to start your limoncello for the Aug limoncello competition.

Club Shirts

The SBL is still looking for a vendor to produce embroidered club shirts. In order to get some shirts prior to some of the events this year it may be beneficial to make a run of club t-shirts so that we are appropriately recognizable at our next event.

SBL web presence

In an effort to promote homebrewing to the masses and stay relevant to today’s technology, Chris W. and TJ C. are currently working on improving the SBL website with things like a working event calendar, news information, and other helpful club info. As reliance on social media is becoming less intuitive for our members it is critical that we improve our communication to our members. Our social media sites will continue to be active as a forum; our plan is to roll out the majority of club functions via our website


Again, as always, if you haven’t paid your dues, please do. They benefit the club in numerous ways and ensure our success in providing the opportunity to do the things our club members enjoy. Also, if you’re an American Homebrewers Association member please ensure you have your listed homebrew club as “Savannah Brewers League”. The club in turn receives a small portion of your AHA membership and if enough of our SBL members are also AHA members, the AHA will pay our club insurance in full ($600 a year?). Members have until 3/6 to pay their dues and retain their currently level of status and communication in the SBL. After 3/6 all non-paid members will be stricken from the rolls and listed as a visitor. Visitors do not receive the same communication emails as paid members and are only invited to the monthly meeting.

As always, stay brewing my friends

TJ Cline

SBL Secretary