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5/1/19 May Meeting Notes

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Savannah Brewers League Monthly Meeting Notes 5/1/2019 7:30 pm

Held at Southbound Brewing Company


·         21 people attended the monthly meeting with only 1 guest.

·         We first started the night out trying to hold the meeting out in the bier garden but the sand gnats were over coming and had to move inside the warm brewery with a Big Ass fan saved us from both heat and bugs alike. A Toast! To the BIG ASS FAN!

·         Who is brewing?

o   Roger B. brewed 5 bu of a NEIPA

o   Tom C. brewed 5 bu of Citra IPA

o   Andrew S. brewed 1 bu of a Triple

o   Andrew S. brewed 1 bu of a Stout

·         Upcoming competitions:

o   5/11 US Open

o   6/8 Summer Sizzler is already closed

o   Hog Town

o   7/5 Lift the Legion beer competition

o   8/10 Dominion Cup

o   8/17 Uber Open Limoncello

o   11/9 O’Dark 30 SBL Dark Beer competition

·         Upcoming events:

o   5/4 AHA Big Brew day held 4 brewers in-between the fermenter tanks at Southbound Brewing Company with 5 guest coming to watch the days activities.

o   May Happy Hour TBD? Neil is working out these details

o   5/25 May day Stammtisch and Brew day at Neil’s house in Pooler’s Hunt Club subdivision on May 25th 5pm-9pm. Neil needs help to make room for more beer so RSVP to this event and enjoy some great beers.

o   6/5 Monthly Meeting at Moon River

o   6/18 6th Anniversary of Southbound Brewing Company

o   6/19 Beer School Off flavors at Moon River

o   7/5 Lift the Legion – Pending

o   8/3 National Mead Day at Bee-Town

o   10/12 Veteran Brew day at Service Brewing company

o   11/2 Learn How To Brew Day at Coastal Empire brewing company

·         Lift the Legion (beer competition / charity event with People choice award)

o   Some legal aspects need to be reviewed as to who will own the event (SBL, Legion, Service?)

o   SBL insurance liabilities to host an event under the Legion charity open to the paying public. More info is needed before a decision is made to move forward.

o   The Legion has been unresponsive

o   Kevin’s lawyer is looking into the Legion event

o   Need members to brew beer for pouring and people’s choice award

o   Winner of people’s choice will be brewed by Moon River

o   A committee of members has been formed to assist with the organizing of the Legion event. They are: Vince B, Gene E, Sonja E, Jeremy B, and Jason P.

·         Jeremy  B is looking into journalistic efforts for writing news and media articles about SBL

·         Chris W is rebuilding the SBL website and needs your help with pictures. Please send SBL pictures to [email protected].

·         Brews Cruise:

o   Brews Cruise deal for the club in works. Seems that we could max out a short bus with 13 people at $20 a head. Details into this still in work. Vince B is contact for this activity.

·         Need more volunteers to hold a shift at our SBL table for Southbound’s 6th anniversary on 5/18

o   Currently have Jason P and Neil D signed up for table shifts.

·         SBL membership is up by 7 people at 32 members thus far this year. Thank you to all who pay their dues so we can be successful in planning these future events.

·         Southbound’s Natalie and Smith informed us of multiple upcoming events and how they are open to support the SBL in future events. If SBL has questions about brewing tech or methods “Lets get nerdy!”


So lots of stuff is going on and lots more to come. As always, if you have any questions about your Savannah Brewers League please email those questions to [email protected].


TJ Cline

SBL Secretary