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8/7/19 Aug Meeting Notes

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SBL monthly meeting @ Moon River Brewing Company


  • Opening toast


  • July 13th we had the group brew with Neil the single brewer at Neil’s house. At this group brew we had a stammtisch and our 2019 Mid Year Beer completion where Vince B won first place with a Golden Ale he threw together, second place was Andrew S. with a Hibiscus Ale, and third place was Jeremy B. with his Vienna Lager.
  • So far this year, it seems that Jeremy B. is on FIRE winning his 8th medal this year!
  • SHA standings: SBL in 10th place in homebrew club category and we have been bumped out of the Mead/Cider contention but there is still hope. So if you have a Mead or Cider please enter it in a SHA sponsored completion.
  • SBL Club insurance: Paid $131.25 to West Insurance
  • 8/3 Mead Day @ Bee-Town was unfortunately canceled due to a fire in a shared bathroom between Bee-Town and the neighbor business. Still trying to coordinate another day in the future to reschedule this event with Bee-Town.

Upcoming Group Brews/Stammtisch

  • August: 8/18 2pm-? @ Scott B. house on Wilmington Island
  • September: 9/21 FeStovall @ Chris S. house in Georgetown
  • October: TBD @ John F. house
  • November: TBD @ Tom H. house
  • December: 12/8 @ John W. house in Garden City
  • January: TBD @ TJ C. house in Guyton

Who’s Brewing?

  • Multiple people brewing multiple things, love hearing about it all. Keep up the great work!
  • 424 bu that have been reported so far this year. This number is strictly for club records and is not reported to any one. So if you have some bu to report, send it to [email protected] and we will update our records.

New/Old Business and member questions

  • Barrel Aged Project: We have a bourbon barrel being stored by James P. The barrel unfortunately didn’t come from Ghost Coast but was acquired via other means and sources. Get your batches to James before or on 8/14 6:30 pm for sampling and filling the barrel. James’s address recently went out in another email. If you need the address again, please contact [email protected].
  • Savannah Homebrew Shoppe is closing 9/14 so get your final orders in before Sept. Jerald will send out a final email with what he has left. Help him out before he leaves and buy some items from him before he leaves.
  • The club is working on getting some people together for a bulk grain order, if your interested contact Jeremy B.
  • Thanks to Frank R. and Moon River, SBL has reinstated our Brew Library in the basement of Moon River. This Brew Library is a cabinet with brewing publications inside. We ask that all who check out an item out of the Library follow the honesty policy and return it when you are finished. If you have an item to donate to the Library please contact us at [email protected]. TJ C. will be looking into procuring a combination lock for this Library cabinet so that the club can input some of those valuable publications we treasure and prevent those outside the club from tampering with our Library of knowledge.
  • SBL portable bar: Gene E. is heading the committee on building the club a portable bar for showcasing our homebrews at future events. During this meeting, the club presented and approved budget for this project at $350. This bar will include a 6 tab set up and be easily portable. Some of the members of this committee are: Gene, Roger, TJ, Neil, and a few others.
  • To continue on the clubs Beer experiments, Gene E and Scott B offered up free cryo hops that they picked up from National Homebrew Con. Only stipulation is that with these hops the taker will make a basic APA beer with these hops thrown in at flame out. These APAs will be ready for sampling at the FeStovall event on 9/21.

Basic APA

  • 90% Two Row (8.25 lbs)
  • 10% Crystal 20 (1 lbs)
  • U.S. Magnum for bittering (1 oz 12% @ 60 minutes)
  • S-05 Yeast. Just sprinkle. No re-hydration
  • Cryo hops at flame out
  • S.G. 1.050
  • IBU 40


Upcoming Events

  • 8/14 6:30pm Barrel Fill at James P. house
  • 8/18 2pm Brew Day Stammtisch at Scott B. house
  • 8/24 3pm Limoncello Uber Open at Chris S. house
  • 9/4 7:30pm SBL monthly meeting at Moon River Brewing Company
  • 9/18 26th anniversary toast of SBL held at O’Connells Pub
  • 9/21 FeStovall at Chris S. house
  • 10/4 7:30pm SBL monthly meeting at Moon River Brewing Company
  • 10/12 Veteran Brew Day with Service Brewing company
  • 11/2 Learn How To Brew Day with Coastal Empire Brewing Company
  • 11/6 7:30pm SBL monthly meeting at Moon River Brewing Company

Pink’s Notes

  • Keep looking for some interesting brews coming from Moon River as they transition into the fall and winter months. Just too many to list here. Just another reason to attend these meetings.

Tech Talk with John W. on “Recipe Formulation”

  • Multiple members brought in their resources of brewing publications and we discussed good and bad practices. Ultimately there are so many variables to a good or award winning beer. Even if you brew someone else’s recipe, there is a large possibility that something could go wrong so the club agreed that this isn’t considered “cheating”.
  • When you do happen or create an award winning recipe and like most artist what to hone in and improve it we recommend only changing one thing for each version you brew and try to recreate the same occurrences that won you those previous awards. Document all your work so you can review it again in the future. Changing more than one variable could possibly make it more difficult to determine which change improved or didn’t improve the beer.
  • This discussion will most likely occur again as it elapsed our given time allotment and continued well past the meeting was closed and all had left.