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Bulk Malt / Equipment Order – on Jerald! (sort of …)

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Greetings brewers! Jeremy B is putting together a group order for the club for bulk malt, hops, yeast and equipment via Jerald’s schweet hook-up / wholesale connections.

This is your chance to get brew stuff cheap before he heads out to fine hills of North Cackalaka. The whole point of this is to see what everyone needs and consolidate that list to get the best deal / save on shipping.

Bear with me, this is a long post. TJ will also send out via email. Questions about the ordering process – email or call me. Questions about costs / etc. – call or email Jerald.


Important notes upfront:
** Deadline is Aug. 29 ** for orders.
I will consolidate everything and publish a final list. Once you approve your portion of the final order, you’re on the hook. (That’s 2 weeks away – get your order in!)

**Everyone will pay upfront.** You should be able estimate the costs here so you’ll be in the ballpark. Questions? Contact Jerald.

Spreadsheet: contact us at [email protected] for more details

The spreadsheet above lists common base & specialty malts. If you don’t see one you want listed, feel free to add it. Add your name to the columns across the top if it’s not already there and place the appropriate amount in pounds you’d like.  Same with hops, yeast, equipment.

Malts: Come in 55 lb sacks, 30 lb, 10 lb and 1 lb.

Example: Chris wants 1 lb of Victory malt, Noah needs 8 lbs and I need another 5 lb. We put our amounts on the sheet. Once all the orders are in, the 3 of us hash it out, and either settle for the 10 lb amount (Noah or I accept less than we originally wanted), or we bump up to the next level (30 lbs) and distribute accordingly.

Hops: 1 lb is the minimum order. (If you want to trade after the fact, go for it.)
Yeast: (See pricing notes at the bottom of this post.)

Equipment: Be specific when necessary (Perlick 650SS vs. 630SS) and give the number of items, too.

(See range of prices at the bottom of this post to get a ballpark estimate for your order. For best results, bounce numbers off Jerald.)

Here are some of the sites Jerald orders from in order of best to worst deals on shipping. You can check out these sites for product ideas but prices are not listed.

1. (Fletcher, N.C.) Jerald uses these guys the most. Bulk shipping will come from them. Orders are in 2 to 3 days after placing

  1. (Pa.) shipping pretty good. They have a lot of toys! Jerald can see at the time of ordering if it’s in stock.
  2. BSG (ATL) Charge the most on shipping

Notes from Jerald on costs:
Everything is cost + 10% plus shipping and credit card charges.
Equipment with bulk order is 25% over cost. No shipping charge.


Canada malts 55 lbs only  .62 per lb. Their oat malt and british maris otter  .80 lb.

also can get 50 lbs of oats, wheat, etc.  .75 to .85 / lb.
rice hulls 5 lbs. .85 per lb.;  50 lbs. .50 per lb.

5 lb bags are pricey  $1-1.40 (ßwhat does this reference? You listed 5 lbs for rice hulls above)


brit. braids the maris .80 per pound — can price other sacks

10 lb. bags .90 to 1.05 per pound


best malz (German) most 55 lb .72 per pound

10 lb. .90  smoked & acid 1.15


briess 50 lb bags pricey

10 lb. most 1.05  2 at 1.2-1.3


both honey malt and golden promise  $1.05 per lb.


32lb jug extract 49.95 or 3 lbs dme $7.95 


brewcraft has best prices 15 types $7-9 per lb.

 29 types $10-20 per lb. 5 are in the $20 per lb. range.

BSG weyermann grains 

all Cara’s  wheat, rye, red & vienna + choc wheat & rye, special b 

all 1,2&3 cara munich, carafe dehusked $1.10 – $1.20  for 10 lb. bags

they sell flaked wheat in 10 lb. bags for 25 cents per lb. cheaper than brew craft.  but the shipping might be more expensive.

they do sell 1/2 lbs of hops.  if you ordered 38 packs of 05 it would be 9.50 cents cheaper than brewcraft.  


sells midnight wheat $1.35 for 1 lb. or $6 for 5 lbs

black prinz $1.45 per 1 lb. or $6.25 for 5 lb.

flaked rice $1.50 per pound or $6 for 5 lbs.
they can mill grains 25 cents more per lb.


BSG is best for dry yeast, except mangrove jack yeast. Same price but brewcraft has more to offer.


fermentis  05       38 plus  1.95

                   04         10 +  1.90      

                    06         1 =  $2.65      10 or more $2.50 ea

                 k 97         1  =  $2.25     10 or more $2.15 ea

             pricey         be 134   1  = $3.10  10 or more $2.95 ea

        way pricey      be 256   1  = $3.60    10 or more $3.35 ea


mangrove jack from brew craft every type $3 each  10 or more $2.80 ea

(fermentis best price BSG)

more fermentis   T-58    1 = $1.65    10 or more $1.70 ea

                               s-33    1 = $1.40    10 or more $1.35 ea


lager again fermentis is pricey

s-23             1 = $3.25

34/70         1 =  $3.95

s-189   (cheaper at brewcraft)  $3.50 ea


muntons  6 gram pack   .75 ea