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2/5/2020 February Meeting Notes

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We had another very informative monthly meeting and a recap of the previous weekend (2/1) 22nd Annual Domras Cup. We had 25 members and 2 guest attend this meeting even a special surprise guest speaker from across the pond.


To another successful Domras Cup event… and to all our sponsors who we couldn’t host this event without.

Domras Cup Sponsors:

A club donation:

Vince has donated a BeerSmith 3 one year subscription to the SBL to be given to a new member. Thanks Vince!!

A Domras Cup recap:

As those who were there at this year’s 22nd Annual Domras Cup (2/1/20) can attest to, some have suggested that it might have been the best Domras Cup event in all of the 22 years. Some of the big highlights were obviously the amazing meads that were shipped and dropped off from all over the world. Some as far away as Canada, Poland, California, and Minnesota arrived in time for judging. These wonderful meads lined the mead cellar and were open to volunteers after the conclusion of the mead only competition. The level of quality meads that we received this year appeared to be up slightly from last year’s average of 33/50 and  this year’s average of all scores recorded was 35/50! This year’s Domras Cup was also the unveiling of the Savannah Brewers League portable bar, which received high acclaim as it easily displayed and poured some of our lower abv concoctions. We will be using this portable bar at our future events like National Homebrew Convention, ReBrew, and other Domras and Stammtisch events. Another highlight was the raffle of 22 lots of goodies and prizes generously donated by our Domras Cup Sponsors. To finally cap it all off, we close the day off with the fabulous voice of Danielle Hicks singing some wonderful music while a low country boil, oysters, and pork shoulder BBQ were all served up.

Last Month’s Recap:

  • 1/11: Jan Stammtisch at TJ’s
  • 1/15: Barrel Project #2 (Barleywine) fill the barrel event
  • 1/17: Domras Cup tagging party @ Wilson’s
  • 1/18: Domras Cup Pre-Judging session #1 @ Wilson’s
  • 1/25: Bar Project finishing touches @ TJ’s
  • 1/26: Domras Cup Pre-Judging session #2 @ Stovall’s
  • 2/1: 22nd Annual Domras Cup homebrewed mead only international competition

Upcoming Events:

Membership update:

SBL currently has 45 paid members! Excellent job everyone paying your annual dues. This helps us fund events and activities throughout the year and ensures our success. If you haven’t paid your dues yet, please click this link to do so now. A list of benefits to becoming an SBL member is also listed on the link provided.

Treasury Report:

Domras Cup Raffle raised $1,058. The Beer Beauty contest raised $250 that will be donated to the local Ronald McDonald house. There is currently $6,836 in the SBL bank account after majority of the Domras Cup expenses have been paid.

Feb Stammtisch:

We will be holding the Feb Brew Day / Stammtisch this Saturday 2/15 at TJ and Julie’s house at 10am-5pm.

Future Stammtisch:

March: St. Patrick’s Day Parade – (finalizing times and locations)

SBL currently doesn’t have anyone line up to host stammtisch events April through November 2020. So talk to your significant other, roommates, or your inner self and let us know if you would like to host. Here are some benefits to hosting a stammtisch.

Who’s Brewing?

  • Frank brewed a Brown Ale
  • Patrick & Aaron (new guys) brewed a Belgian Wit
  • Stovall brewed a Munich Dunkel Lager
  • Scott B. brewed a NEIPA
  • Chris M. brewed a Braggot


  • TJ sent off two entries (SBL Barrel Project #1, Belgian Dubble) to SHA circuit competitions Peach State Brew Off, Shamrock, and VA Beer Blitz.
  • Southeastern Homebrewers Association schedule
  • In April, in Charleston SC homebrew club Low Country Libations (LCL) is hosting their Colonial Cup and our very own Stovall has offered to run the beer train to drop off entries for their homebrew competition. What does that mean? No shipping cost for this competition which averages out to a savings of $15+ per shipment. So if you need a nudge to start entering your homebrew into competitions, this is it.
  • Did you know that anyone who participate (sends in entries) to a SHA competition also receives participation points for the SBL? Yes, that is correct. According to SHA Bylaws,

Awards and point calculations:

vii. Each club shall earn up to three points for its club participation rate per the following schedule:

  • 1 to 3 entrants = 1 pt for club
    • 4 to 7 entrants = 2 pts for club
    • 8+ entrants = 3 pts for club (We received 3 points for Domras Cup)

Coastal Empire SBL Fund raiser for NHC (National Homebrew Convention) trip:

Coastal Empire mentioned that the SBL and Coastal Empire could host a fundraiser at the brewery where $1 from every sale could help us raise funds for our NHC participation cost.

SBL Barrel Project #3:

Organizers of this event are working out the details. Plenty of opportunities to participate in this event so stay tuned.

NHC (National Homebrew Convention):

Registration opens  on March 10th at 10:00 am . The NHC event is June 18-21st in Nashville, TN. The SBL currently has 12 people and is looking to participate in Club Night and other activities. In order to participate, SBL will have to produce a minimum 100 BU’s to drive up to NHC. Are you planning to contribute? Let us know!

Cuckoo for Cocoa Powder:

One of our fellow members has a connection to pounds and pounds of cocoa powder that his work can no longer use. He has graciously offered the SBL an opportunity to acquire some of this inventory. We have 12 people signed up to receive some. This is being picked up this week and those interested will be notified.

Pink’s Notes from Moon River Brewing Company (MRBC):

  • Super Foxy back on tap
  • Moon River will be temporarily closing on 2/22 – 2/28 for renovations
  • Lady in White – Wheat Hazy and Juicy coming soon
  • Sour Porter coming soon
  • Justin is departing MRBC and moving to the west coast to join 21st Amendment Brewery

2020 SBL Survey Comments:

  • More Saturday get togethers at local breweries
  • Changing up the venue from time to time. And starting earlier, say 7:00 PM?
  • Getting cramped in Moon River – Need a bigger space?
  • More Club Only Competitions
  • Enjoy the Group Brews and Barrel Projects.
  • Want T-Shirts, Pullovers/Hoodies, New Logo Glassware, Hats, and Stickers
  • Like the group brews for learning techniques, helps build confidence in brewing, learn new styles, like the comradery.
  • Cash Stipend to those who judge club only competitions.
  • Organize a weekend trip to another city for brewery tours. Even Kentucky Bourbon Trail during Derby Week (isn’t that busy?).
  • Need a new banner.
  • Lots of excitement about ReBrew! (Can be a large fundraiser)
  • Loan out our new bar for events to raise more funds for SBL.
  • Beer Trip to ATL with Pink for some brewing inspiration?!?

Competition Ideas:
Have a clone wars competition, everyone tries to clone a commercial beer and the closest is the winner.

Tech Talk Idea:

  • Scaling Recipes for different brewhouses and efficiencies
  • Kettle Souring
  • Brew House Modifications
  • I would be interested in hearing about pros and cons for different advanced systems if club members have them (Grainfather, Anvil etc.)
  • Offer basic and advanced info on how to homebrew.
  • How to make Stouts and porters and ciders and soda

Club Donations and Charities:

  • Ronald McDonald House
  • USO (United Service Organizations)
  • Local Animal Shelters
  • Cancer Research


Our participation in ReBrew event with the GA Sanitation Water Professionals SAV conference has been green lighted. ReBrew will take place on July 13th and SBL will need 5-7 volunteers to help pour beers from our portable bar. Service Brewing is also on board with hosting the ReBrew event at the brewery. What we need from SBL is a minimum of 100 bu’s of beers brewed with reclaimed water. We will receive access to this reclaimed water on May 13 which is 7.5 weeks away from the July 13th event and only really gives us 4-5 weeks to create 100 bu’s. We will need ALL SBL member’s participation in order to fulfill this order. So go ahead and pre plan out some recipes so you can help support your local homebrew club. ALL recipe names will have to be approved by the GA Sanitation Water Professionals board. Sorry to disappoint everyone but the creative names that I have been hearing won’t be approved. So no Poo Brew, Sh!ts Porter, or IPeeA for obvious marketing reasons. This will be a big event for SBL, Savannah, and the GA Sanitation Water Professionals. SBL is working on getting an article published in Zymurgy (AHA magazine) and the local newspaper on this event. Kegs, kegs, and kegs. If you have extra kegs that are not in use during the ReBrew timeframe, please loan them out to other members for this event, we will need them.

Hilton Head Island Seafood Festival:

Gene and Sonja mentioned that on 2/29 the HHI Seafood Festival will have some local craft beers on tap. Supposedly the bier garden is only $10-$15 a ticket. The SBL is not doing a club event for this but just sharing some info for those who might be interested.

Surprise Special Guest Speaker:

Ian Hamilton, Master Brewer at Sullivan Brewing in Kilkenny, Ireland

Ian stopped by after being informed by a SBL member that told them we were meeting and that he should stop by and talk brewing. Surprise to us, but he did! Besides being the Master Brewer at Sullivan’s, Ian also teaches brewing science to other brewers all across Europe. He told us some stories, don’t bet the horse, differences between European vs American brewing, and lots more.

Tech Talk: How to Make Lemoncello

Stovall taught a very interested crowd of homebrewers how to make their own Lemoncello, some traditions about Lemoncello, and some personal hacks that he has used to make his Lemoncello better. He also reminded us that the SBL Lemoncello competition will be held on 8/15 or 8/16 this year. So when life gives you lemons, make Lemoncello.

In Closing:

So as usual, the SBL has a very serious line up of events in just the first 6 months of 2020. As our club membership grows it allows us more opportunities to support those local events we all love. Members asked us to start being more active and participating in more events as per last year’s survey results. The current SBL leadership has heard your call. Now we need your participation and support your Local Homebrew Club and the Savannah Homebrew community. Spread the word, bring a friend, share some homebrew and spark that fire that is homebrewing. Slainte!