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4/1/20 April Meeting Notes

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4/1 7:30pm Virtual Meeting

Our Virtual April meeting was successful and we had 17 member join us on the cloud.

Opening Toast: “There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met”

Guest Discussion: Who is new? Please introduce yourself, how long have you been brewing or not brewing, what are you brewing next?

Who’s Brewing? TJ – American IPA 5 bu, TJ – Kegged 4 bu Braggot 5.6%, Chris M. – meads, Scott B. – American IPA, 231 bu total for SBL so far in 2020 1st qtr.


  • 3/4: March Monthly Meeting
  • 3/10: NHC early bird registration
  • 3/14: SHA VA Beer Blitz competition
  • 3/17: Stammtisch at the Parade – canceled
  • 3/21: Mazer Cup mead competition – canceled
  • 3/26: Virtual Stammtisch hosted by TJ
  • 3/28: SHA Port City Plunder beer competition – canceled
  • 3/29: Virtual Brew Day hosted by TJ
  • 4/1: Virtual April Monthly Meeting
  • 4/5: Classic City Brewfest in Athens – postponed to 8/29
  • 4/5: Barrel Project #2: Drain the barrel! @ James P. 12pm
  • 4/10: Moon River 21st Bday – canceled
  • 4/11: Loading Stammtisch at Neil’s – postponed to 5/16
  • ???: April Stammtish/Brew Day @ The Brew Shop – canceled
  • 4/18: 4pm Virtual Stammtisch
  • 4/18: Chucktown Brewdown in Charleston – canceled
  • April (TBD): AHA telecom discussions with SBL
  • 5/2: Stammtisch on the Farm at Laura and Tom’s – canceled
  • 5/2: Bar Build @ TJ’s 11 am
  • 5/6: May Monthly Meeting @ Moon River Brewing Company
  • 5/4: ReBrew water pick up – canceled
  • 5/9: AHA Big Brew Day in the Bier Garden @ Moon River (pending)
  • 5/16: Loading Day Stammtisch at Neil’s (pending)
  • 6/3: June Monthly Meeting @ Moon River
  • 6/13: ReBrew at Service Brewing 5:30-7pm – canceled
  • 6/13: 11am June Stammtisch/Brew Day @ The Brew Shop
  • 6/13: Coastal Empire Fundraiser to send SBL to NHC (pending)
  • 6/18-20: National Homebrew Convention @ Nashville, TN
  • 7/1: July Monthly Meeting @ Moon River
  • 7/18: SBL Mid-Year Beer Competition
  • 8/5: Aug Monthly Meeting
  • 8/22: Uber 4 (Lemoncello only competition) @ Chris S.

Group Brewing/Stammtisch: All physical group brews and stammtisch are currently postponed at the current time due to the pandemic. However, if you would like to host a virtual brew day or virtual stammtisch please let TJ know and we can set it up. Hoping to open physical brew day/stammtisch back up in late June for The AHA Big Brew Day. Current pandemic situation pending. We can have one every week if you like!

New Business:

  • If you are running low on your homebrew (like I am), think about supporting your local businesses and pick up some local brews, buy supplies from our LHBS (Local Homebrew Shop), and order take out from a local restaurants. SBL is supported heavily by these local businesses and if you can give back some, please do.
  • I am working on creating a SBL Gmail account and tie all the existing goggle documents to the Gmail account for easy transfer and accountability. Working on transfering all emails to the new SBL Gmail and close the Yahoo email. Yahoo email is lacking functionality and tools.
  • Finish the Portable Bar:
    • Bar Build day @ TJ’s: 5/2
      • Address tight tolerances in the tap tube. Redesign?
      • Replace closing latch
      • Buy, Build, Install Signage, Sand, Stain
      • SBL logo for bar front (Vince)
  • Big Brew Day on 5/9 at Moon River. Last chance to do a brew day in the Bier Garden.
  • Coastal Fundraiser: Need to work out the details with Coastal. $1 from every beer goes club to help with NHC expenses (beer van).
  • Jeremy B is going to be brewing his 2019 Dark Lager winning recipe on Service Brewing’s small batch system. Looking to brew at some time in the coming months. More details to come.
  • Southbound and Bier House are interested in hosting an event for SBL. More details to follow as we work with them on the particulars.
  • The AHA sent out an email offering up a teleconference with us hosted by the AHA. This could be an opportunity to ask the AHA some questions. Topics for discussion could be, More details to follow:
    • All about the AHA
    • Competition organization & judge training
    • History and state homebrewing in the US
    • Homebrew club best practices
    • Ideas for great club events
    • Lager brewing tips
    • State homebrew legislation tactics
  • Talk to the significant other and see if you can host a Future (virtual) Stammtisch:
    • April “Taxman Stammtisch” – canceled
    • May’s “AHA Big Brew Mayday Stammtisch/Brew day”: @ Moon River (pending)
    • June: Henry S. @ The Brew Shop
    • July: Patrick (Mid-Year Beer Comp)
    • August: (open)
    • September: (open)
    • October: Chris S.
    • November: (open)
    • December: John W.
    • January: TJ C.
  • Mid-Year Beer competition on 7/18. Any style, any gravity. Patrick to host. Plan out your beer recipes for this SBL member only competition.

Old Business:

  • Chucktown Brewdown: 4/18 is still going on. Not sure if anyone is going given the current pandemic situation. If you are going let us know.
  • Sending SBL delegation to NHC: 6/18-6/20. Early registration was on 3/10. 6 members going. SBL will be hosting our Portable Bar with 120 bu of homebrew (26 kegs). We are currently at 39 bu. Every SBL member needs to plan to donate 1 batch of homebrew for the NHC trip. If you need help with ingredients, recipe design, or suggestions please let us know. View the Brew Planner for more details. All donations will be taste tested prior to travel for SBL seal of approval.
  • Neil has stepped down from being the SBL President. He has been offered a job in California and will be leaving us in late May. TJ will be taking over duties as President.  Here are the current offices being held:
    • President: TJ C. < new
    • Secretary: James P. < new
    • Treasurer: Gene E.
    • Registrar: Scott B. < new
    • Head Judge: Chris S.
    • Head Steward: Roger B.
    • Master At Arms: Jeremy B.
  • Beer Trip: London/France: May 2021. Would like to get 12 members for this trip of a lifetime.

Barrel Projects:

  • Barrel Project #1, Belgian Triple in Bourbon Barrel: Vince sent an entry to the NHC competition which the 1st round of judging (Tampa) was canceled. AHA is still planning on doing the competition but all in 1 round at NHC Nashville. It’s still up in the air if the AHA can still get everything pull it all together in time. TJ sent #1 to 3 competitions in the SHA, avg scores was 27 had brett (TJ final batch), Carbonation low, recommended reclassifying to Sour Wood Age category. Taste great as a lightly soured beer.
  • Barrel Project #2, Hardly Thomas: time for a sample! If you put into the barrel you will need to have a container at James house to drain the barrel so you can have your share.
  • Barrel Project #3 is on hold until after NHC. James to house Barrel. Using barrel from Barrel Project #2.
  • Barrel Project #4: Vince has a French Wine barrel in storage.

SBL Merchandise:

  • FOR SALE NOW: 1 XL SBL Dickies Work Shirt $36. Funds to go to the Treasury and help send our SBL delegation to NHC.
  • Multiple people are interested in doing another round of orders for T-Shirts. More details to come.
  • SBL will be sourcing stickers with the club logo for sale.
  • SBL will be ordering tulip beer glasses and Domras glasses for sale this year.

Overall, the virtual meeting went well, some minor technical glitches, but it was nice to see some familiar faces.