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8/12/2020 August Meeting Notes

SBL Monthly Meeting 8/12/2020 7:30pm @ MRBC

Toast: “Here’s to staying positive and testing negative” Skoal!

Guest/New Members: Dan (new paid member), Tony, Andreas, Keith

Who is brewing? We broke the 2019 record of 804.5 bu’s!!! 820.5 bu’s.


  • 7/1 July Monthly Meeting
  • 7/18 Mid-Year Beer Comp / Stammtisch @ Patrick’s
  • 8/1 Mead Day – @ The Brew Shop
  • 8/5 8/12 Aug Monthly Meeting
  • 8/22 11am Uber Open 4 @ Stovall’s
  • 9/2 Sept Monthly Meeting
  • 9/23 27th SBL Anniversary at O’Connell’s Pub
  • 10/3 Octoberfest / O’Dark 30 / Stammtisch in Glennville @ Dan & Tammie’s
  • 10/7 Oct Monthly Meeting
  • 10/?? Veteran’s Brew Day @ Service Brewing
  • 11/4 Nov Monthly Meeting
  • 11/7 Learn How To Homebrew Day – Coastal Empire
  • 11/?? Nov Stammtisch @ Scott’s
  • 12/2 Dec Monthly Meeting
  • 12/12 Christmas Stammtisch @ Wilson’s

New Business:

  • Jonathan is working on getting some SBL patches and buttons made
  • Domras & SBL glasses are here for sale $5 ea.
  • SBL Banner redesigned to include current SBL logo, Domras logo, and AHA logo. Need to place order to make new banner with Staples.
  • O’Dark 30 Competition needs a location
  • Finish bar tube modification for Octoberfest Stammtisch
  • Need a location for Learn How To Homebrew day on 11/7
  • Veteran’s Brew Day with Service. who would attend? Should be late Sept or early Oct. Kevin is on board with doing another collaboration with SBL for this. More details to follow when we get closer to October.
  • Barrel Project #3: Braggot. Scott and Vince already have brewed the beer but need help fermenting the mead must. Need to set a mead recipe/style, order ingredients, and create a fill the barrel date.
  • Barrel Project #4: Do we have a barrel?
  • Approved a new barrel committee who will be in charge of Barrel Projects (Gene, Scott, Vince, James)

Old Business:

  • Buddemeier is working on Zymurgy articles for SBL: (1) Anniversary Article (2) Domras Cup History (3) ReBrew article 7/12/2021
  • SBL EuroTrip Spring 2021 – Stovall
  • Website photo galleries – TJ
  • SBL Stickers are available in The Brew Shop and via your President
  • Club Only Competition (COC) Series Ribbons and Domras Cup Ribbons are in
  • SBL liquor liability insurance filed with West Insurance. 2019-2020 49% of SBL is AHA members. $0.50 increase from last year, $4.25 per AHA member ($212.50).
  • Domras Cup has its own Competition site now separate from the COC Series


  • Mid-Year Beer competition winners: Scott/Vince, Stovall, TJ
  • Mead Day Completion winner: Chris M.
  • Limoncello 8/22 @ Stovall’s
  • 9/12 2020 US Open Homebrew (SHA event)
  • O’Dark 30 10/3 in Glennville
  • 2/6/21 Domras Cup @ John W. Stevens Wetland Edu Center in Richmond Hill
  • 2/6/21 Beer Beauty Contest


  • Aug – OPEN
  • Sept – Festovall – OPEN
  • Oct – O’Dark 30 – Octoberfest in Glennville @ Dan & Tammie’s
  • Nov – Scott
  • Dec – Wilson
  • Jan – TJ

Group Brews/Stammtisch: Other members have expressed interest in doing a group brew so if you have a upcoming brew day please let us know and we can make it known to the club so that others can come and help and maybe learn something from you.

Tech Talk: Open discussion

  • We talked about doing something in remembrance of Marshall from the Bier Haus. Vince brought up using our barrel project for this.
  • Moon River is talking about brewing a beer in honor of Marshall and will let us have some input in designing the beer.