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10/7/2020 October Meeting Notes

SBL Monthly Meeting 10/7/2020 7:30pm @ MRBC

Octoberfest Toast: “Oans” (one), “zwoa” (two), “drei” (three), “g’suffa” (drink), “Prost” (cheers)!!”

Guest/New Members: Jimmy, Josh, Sylvie, Thomas, Chris B., David L (returning Ex-President) new member

Who is brewing? 898.5 bu’s.


  • 9/2 Sept Monthly Meeting @ Moon River Brewing Company 7:30pm
  • 9/23 27th SBL Anniversary @ O’Connell’s Pub 6:30 pm
  • 10/7 Oct Monthly Meeting @ Moon River Brewing Company 7:30pm
  • 10/24 Octoberfest / O’Dark 30 / Stammtisch @ Brian & Suzie’s 4 pm
  • 11/4 Nov Monthly Meeting @ Moon River Brewing Company 7:30pm
  • 11/7 Learn How To Homebrew Day @ Coastal Empire and Split Fin 12 pm
  • 11/11 Veteran’s Brew Day @ Service Brewing 8:30 am (Wednesday)
  • 11/22 Nov Stammtisch @ Scott’s
  • 12/2 Dec Monthly Meeting @ Moon River Brewing Company 7:30pm
  • 12/12 Christmas Stammtisch @ Wilson’s
  • 12/?? Moon River Christmas Party – TBD

New Business:

  • SBL Banner redesigned to include current SBL logo, Domras logo, and AHA logo. Kitty and Jonathan are going to get it printed.
  • O’Dark 30 Completion site is open for registration, judges, and stewards. Currently only have 4 entries. If we don’t have enough entries to hold a competition the President will be forced to cancel the competition.
  • Who has the stockpile of SBL Business cards? James has them. We need to distribute them to bars & brewery’s.
  • Added the SBL Brochure file to the SBL website for anyone to download.

Old Business:

  • Did everyone pick up and pay for their SBL glasses? James has them. Deadline for pick up is fast approaching. Have to sell all glasses before we collect names for the next glasses order. 
  • Jonathan made some SBL buttons, Henry has them in The Brew Shop.
  • Zymurgy articles for SBL: – Buddemeier
    • Domras Cup article 2/6/21 
    • ReBrew article 7/12/2021 
  • SBL EuroTrip Spring 2021 – Stovall will need a final decision by December Stammtisch
  • Website photo galleries – TJ
  • SBL Stickers are available in The Brew Shop and via your President
  • If you need any Cacao Powder, please contact James. Donate the remaining to a local Brewery?


  • 10/24/20 O’Dark 30 Beer Competition @ Brian & Suzie’s Octoberfest (SAV/Pooler)
  • 2/6/21 Domras Cup @ John W. Stevens Wetland Edu Center in Richmond Hill
  • 2/6/21 Beer Beauty Contest


  • Oct – 10/24 Octoberfest/O’Dark 30 @ Brian & Suzie’s
  • Nov – Scott – 11/22
  • Dec – Wilson – 12/12
  • Jan – TJ – TBD
  • Feb – OPEN
  • March – Tom H.

Upcoming Group Brew Day: 

  • 11/7 12pm Learn To Homebrew Day @ Coastal Empire & Split Fin
  • 11/11 8:30am (Wednesday) Veteran’s Brew Day with Service Brewing @ Service

Barrel Committee: (Gene, Vince, Scott, James)

  • Barrel Project #3: Braggot. Scott and Vince already have brewed the beer but need help fermenting the mead must. Need to set a mead recipe/style, order ingredients, and create a fill the barrel date.
  • Barrel Project #4: Russian Imperial Stout with cocoa powder.  We will try to have in barrel mid November.

Troubleshooters Corner: (Wilson, Stovall)

If you have had any questions or need help troubleshooting, please get with Wilson after the meeting and he will try and help you.

Tech Talk: Bucket Fermenters, Honey in Fermentation