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12/2/2020 – December Meeting Notes

SBL Monthly Meeting 12/2/2020 7:30pm @ MRBC

Toast: Burrrr! It’s cold outside, cheers!

Guest/New Members: none

Who is brewing? 1,146 bu’s NEW CLUB RECORD!!!


  • 11/4 Nov Monthly Meeting @ Moon River Brewing Company 7:30pm
  • 11/7 Learn How To Homebrew Day @ Coastal Empire and Split Fin 12 pm
  • 11/11 Veteran’s Brew Day @ Service Brewing 8:30 am (Wednesday)
  • 11/22 Nov Stammtisch @ Scott’s
  • 12/2 Dec Monthly Meeting @ Moon River Brewing Company 7:30pm
  • 12/12 Christmas Stammtisch @ Wilson’s 5pm
  • 12/6 12/13 Fill the Barrel @ James’s 12pm
  • 12/?? Moon River Christmas Party – TBD
  • 1/6/21 January Monthly meeting @ Moon River Brewing Company 7:30pm
  • 1/16/21 January Stammtisch @ TJ & Julie’s house 5:00pm
  • 2/3/21 Feb Monthly meeting @ Moon River Brewing Company 7:30pm
  • 2/6/21 Domras Cup @ Captain Butler’s on Wilmington Island 8:00am

New Business:

  • Connect Savannah has contacted SBL is writing an article on SBL’s Pandemic Homebrewing for publication this weekend or next. Publication was published on 11/19, see our news article about it on the website.
  • We have a meeting location for the 2021 Domras Cup at Captain Butler’s on Wilmington Island. We still need to work out some details for the event. 115 unpaid / 104 paid 
  • Coastal has agreed to store the SBL Bar when not in use, just need to drop off.
  • Several members are interested in testing for the BJCP Beer exam. Stovall to start classes after Domras in March.
  • So it was briefly discussed at the Nov meeting open discussion about charging a small fee per entry for CoC comps to reward our judges, stewards, and staff to spend at The Brew Shop for their next recipe. Some others wish to keep it fee free because it’s part of the member benefits and helps judges/steward hone their skills for future competitions. I would like to encourage more conversation toward this effort and hold a vote after Domras that would go into effect for our Mid-Year CoC event (June).

Old Business:

  • SBL Glassware: Neil will pick his up when he visits on 12/10-12/20. Steve M. to pick his up from James at the next visit.
  • Zymurgy articles for SBL: – Buddemeier
    • Domras Cup article 2/6/21 
    • ReBrew article 7/12/2021 
  • If you need any Cacao Powder, please see Henry in The Brew Shop. Still need to work out a donation to some local Breweries? Maybe Split Fin or Service.


  • 2/6/21 Domras Cup @ location TBD
  • 2/6/21 Beer Beauty Contest (less than 6%)


  • Dec – Wilson – 12/12
  • Jan – TJ – 1/16/21
  • Feb – Domras 2/6/21
  • March – Tom H.

Upcoming Group Brew Day: 

  • None scheduled

Barrel Committee: (Gene, Vince, Scott, James)

  • Barrel Project #3: Braggot. Scott and Vince already have brewed and fermented the mead must. Expect to see this braggot in the near future.
  • Barrel Project #4: Russian Imperial Stout with cocoa powder. Fill the barrel is scheduled for 12/13 at James’s house.

Troubleshooters Corner: (Wilson, Stovall)

  • Discussion about TJ’s Roasted Spiced Pumpkin ale recipe and the difficulty of keeping the spice under control and not overwhelming.

Tech Talk: Service Brewing’s Merry Grizmas Grisette 4.6% SBL/Service Collaboration

  • Open discussion about the style of Grisette. TJ delivered samples from Service which were delicious.
  • The group brought up that a topic they would like to talk about in the future is Beer Glass for style of beer.