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4/7/2021 – April Meeting Notes


“We know it is true that we’re wicked,

That our criminal laws are lax;

But here’s to punishment for the man

Who invented the income tax”

Guest/New Members: New: Beth R., Jerry D., Joe H., Austin Ta. 27 people in total.

Who is brewing? 267.75 bu’s brewed in 2021.


  • 3/3 BJCP: BEER Study Group @ Moon River Brewing Company 6pm
  • 3/3 March Monthly meeting @ Moon River Brewing Company 7:30pm
  • 3/24 BJCP: Ingredients (Session 5&6) @ Moon River Brewing Company 6:30pm
  • 3/27 March Stammtisch @ Tom H. house on Tybee 3pm
  • 4/7 BJCP: Ingredients (Session 11) @ Moon River Brewing Company 6pm
  • 4/7 April Monthly meeting @ Moon River Brewing Company 7:30pm
  • 4/9/21 Shipping Window ends for National Homebrew Competition
  • 4/21 BJCP: Ingredients/Process (Session 7&8) @ Split Fin Brewing 6pm
  • 4/24 April Stammtisch @ The Brew Shop 12pm
  • 4/24 Colonial Cup @ Hobcaw Brewing Company Mt. Pleasant, SC 8am
  • 4/26 – 5/2/21 National Homebrew Competition @ Denver Colorado
  • 5/1 Big Brew Day for National Homebrew Day @ Moon River Brewing Company 12pm
  • 5/5 BJCP: Process (Session 12) @ Moon River Brewing Company 6pm
  • 5/5 May Monthly meeting @ Moon River Brewing Company 7:30pm
  • 5/12 BJCP: Process (Session 9&10) @ Moon River Brewing Company 6pm

New Business:

  • Handed out ribbons for O’Dark 30 to (1st) Vince, (2nd) Scott, and (3rd) Austin. Two Domras 
  • Debellation Brewing Company grand opening on 4/9 4 pm in Richmond Hill, GA.
  • Yes there is an interest in a Butter Ducks winery visit in Effingham. Sonja to discuss with Butter Ducks and try to schedule it for around May or June timeframe.
  • Competitor/Club Member of the year award (Henry S., Jeremy Bo., Chandler T., Chris S.): Secretary to be responsible for managing the points and the brewing totals for a calendar year.
    • Pass the BJCP 2021 online/tasting exam: 4 points
    • Host a tech talk or BJCP class: 1 point
    • Record your brewing with the club. Every brew day gets 1 point.
    • Judge in a competition: 2 points
    • Steward in a competition: 1 points
    • BOS: 5 points
    • 1st place: 4 points
    • 2nd place: 3 points
    • 3rd place: 2 points
    • Honorable Mention: 1 point
    • Be a SBL Officer (President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, Head Judge): 3 points
    • Attending SBL events (via sign in sheet): 1 point
    • Submitting an entry for competition (self-reported): 1 point
    • NHC multiplier x2
    • SHA Brewer/Cider/Mead Maker of the Year Award: 5 points
  • Club Only Competition (COC) circuit: With the findings from the Competitor/member of the year award, the points to be awarded for various things, puts the BCEOM software in a position that it cannot automatically manage the points for the year, as we spoke about last meeting. So these points will have to be managed via a manual club managed spreadsheet. The SBL COC circuit will continue as expected.
  • Big Brew Day is scheduled for 5/1 at Moon River in the Bier Garden and at Split Fin 12pm. We will be looking for volunteers to brew at both locations. 
    • Moon River: Stovall, Kyle, Henry
    • Split Fin: TJ, Tom H., Beth R., Cheryl
      • Those brewing at Split Fin should notify Jeremy at Split Fin the beer style and he will have treated water specifically for your beer recipe.
  • Webmaster Committee (Chris P., Scott B., David L., TJ C., Gene., James.,): BCEOM competition site was approved and assigned to the developers management for $65 a year. Chris W. expressed interest in continuing to host the SBL websites. None of the committee members objected. I reached out to Chris W., and I am waiting on a response. Kyle P. listed as the backup Webmaster. Final Solution to be presented at the 5/1 meeting.

Old Business:

  • SBL Glassware: Wilson to ship SBL glassware to Steve M. 
  • Pushing Sample Glassware orders till 2nd half of 2021. Chandler will be SBL rep for this.


  • April 24th 12pm IPA Beauty Contest @ The Brew Shop – TBD 
  • LCL’s Colonial Cup 4/24 @ Hobcow Brewing in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Registration closed.
  • June Mid-Year Beer Competition – Location TBD
  • 6/26/21 1-5pm Suwanee, GA Suwanee BeerFest – Homebrew Competition
  • SHA: CBM’s US Open 8/11
  • CASK (Jacksonville, FL) First Coast Cup in Aug


  • April 24th 12pm Taxman Stammtisch – Henry @ The Brew Shop
  • May Day Stammtisch – Scott
  • June Stammtisch – Vince

Upcoming Group Brew Day:

  • 5/1 12pm Big Brew Day @ Moon River and Split Fin

Barrel Committee: (Gene, Vince, Scott, James)

  • Barrel Project #3: Braggot. Still waiting to put the batch to make it in the barrel. Barrel is in Scotts garage.
  • Barrel Project #4: Russian Imperial Stout with cocoa powder. SBL filled the barrel on 12/13. Committee voted to pull the batch from the barrel on 3/28. The barrel is somewhat empty (sludge in the bottom) but it needs to be drained and treated for Barrel Project #5. James and Henry to get together and prep the barrel for Barrel Project #5.
  • Barrel Project #5: Use same barrel from barrel project #4. Going to be the final beer in this barrel so we will do a Flanders, Lambic, Old Brun, or sour beer.

Tech Talk: none

Open Discussion:

  • Chandler is giving away free mystery hop rhizomes. These rhizomes are double their size from the ones you would purchase online.
  • The club has 5 lbs of Savannah Bee Wildflower Honey to give away. Henry has some wildflower honey to giveaway too. So look for The Brew Shop and SBL to join and host a Honey Give-a-way event probably around June.
  • Festovall 10/2
  • Uber Open Lemoncello only competition 8/21