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9/1/2021 – September Meeting Notes

Toast: “Good people drink good beer!” – Hunter S. Thompson

Guest/New Members: 25 members attended the meeting

Who is brewing? Club total: 794.25 (100 bu’s in a Aug)


8/4 BJCP: Recipe Formulation @ MRBC 6pm

8/4 Aug Monthly Meeting @ MRBC 7:30pm

8/7 COC: Mead Day Comp @ Bee-Town 5pm-8pm

8/14 Midday in the Beer Garden @ MRBC 11am-3pm

8/15 SBL Deadline for online BJCP test

8/18 BJCP class at MRBC 6-9pm, COC Brew Off or Screw Off

8/28 COC: Uber Open @ Stovall’s 11am

9/1 Sept Monthly Meeting @ MRBC 7:30pm

9/11 BJCP exam @ Stovall’s Office

9/11 BJCP After Party @ The Brew Shop

9/18 SAV Brewery tour 11am-7pm

9/22 28th Anniversary Toast @ O’Connell’s Pub 6pm

10/2 Fest’ovall Oktoberfest Stammtisch 5pm

10/6 Oct Monthly Meeting @ MRBC 7:30pm

10/9 Charleston Beer Fest @ Riverfront Park 1pm

10/23 COC: O’Dark 30 Competition

11/3 Nov Monthly Meeting @ MRBC 7:30pm (SBL Elections)

11/6 Learn To Homebrew Day @ TBD

?/? Butter Ducks Winery visit TBD (Sonja)

New Business:

  • COC: Uber Open V results (Open = members & non-members):
    • 1st Place: Sean B. (Bitter Orangecello)
    • 2nd Place: Sonja E. (PB&J cello)
    • 3rd Place: Chris M. (Traditional Lemoncello)
  • COC: Brew Off Screw Off results: 
    • 1st Place: Kyle P. (Dunkel Weizen)
    • 2nd Place: Gene E. (Gose)
  • Midday in the Garden Beerfest recap: 16 volunteers from SBL. Who volunteered and didn’t get a gift card, go see TJ. Excellent event!!! Moon River will be looking to host this event again.
  • BJCP Exam 9/11: 8 people are currently sitting for the exam with 3 more possibly being added at the last minute.
  • SAV Brewery Tour 9/18: We had 3 people drop but we have 3 people on the waiting list (Josh B., Chris M., David H.). How many people have paid up?

Old Business:

  • Sample Glassware Orders: See Chandler.
  • SBL to purchase a few (2-3) brewing books for the SBL library. Still waiting to hear back on which books Henry ordered for us.
  • SBL November Elections: President and Secretary will be open for nominations in October and elections in November as per the Bylaws Article V.


COC: O’Dark 30 November Stammtisch at Scott’s house


Sept – 9/11 BJCP exam post party @ The Brew Shop

Oct 2th – Stovall’s Festovall

Nov – Scott’s O’Dark 30

Dec – Wilson’s Christmas Stammtisch

Jan – TJ’s New Year Stammtisch

Upcoming Group Brew Day:

11/6 Learn To Homebrew Day (LTHD) @ Coastal Empire Beer Company

Barrel Committee: (Gene, Vince, Scott, James):

  • Barrel Project X: Braggot. Still waiting to put the batch to make it in the barrel. Barrel is in Scotts garage.
  • Barrel Project #4: Russian Imperial Stout with cocoa powder is kegged and the barrel is empty. Before we prep the barrel for Barrel Project #5, we will need a recipe. This recipe development is in the works. Will present the final recipe at the August meeting.
  • Barrel Project #5: Use same barrel from barrel project #4. Going to be the final beer in this barrel so we will do a Flanders, Lambic, Old Brun, or sour beer. First of many sour beers?

Tech Talk: Sean B.: “Perfecting a Bitter Orangecello”

Open Discussion: none