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12/1/2021 – December Meeting Notes

Toast: “I wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, A pocket full of money, And a cellar full of beer.” –  Anonymous

Guest/New Members: 28 members and 3 guest attended

Who is brewing? Club total: 1,024 bu’s


11/3 Nov Monthly Meeting @ MRBC 7:30pm (SBL Elections)

11/6 Learn To Homebrew Day @ Coastal Empire Beer Company

11/20 COC: O’Dark 30 Competition / Nov Stammtisch

12/1 2022 Domras Cup Meeting 6pm

12/1 Dec Monthly Meeting @ MRBC 7:30pm

12/5 Dec Stammtisch @ Wilson’s 5pm

12/12 MRBC Holiday Party

12/31 Old Bruin Fermentation deadline

1/5/22 Domras Cup Meeting @ MRBC 6pm

1/5/22 Jan Monthly Meeting @ MRBC 7:30pm

1/10/22 Domras Cup shipping/registration/edit deadline 9am

1/?/22 Old Bruin Barrel Fill @ Jonathan’s

1/15/22 Jan Stammtisch @ TJ’s 5pm

1/22/22 Domras Cup Sorting/Judging @ Wilson’s

1/29/22 Domras Cup Judging @ Stovall’s

2/2 Feb Monthly Meeting @ MRBC 7:30pm

2/5 Domras Cup @ John W. Stevens Wetland Center

5/1 SBL Europe Trip

6/22-6/25 National Homebrew Conference Pittsburgh, PA

New Business:

  • COC: O’Dark 30 competition Ribbons:
    • 1st Bill A. – Sweet Stout
    • 2nd Levi V. – Black IPA
    • 3rd Bill A. – Coconut Stout
  • COC: Uber Open Limoncello competition Ribbons:
    • 1st Sean V. – Bitter orangecello
    • 2nd Sonja E. – PB&J cello
    • 3rd Chris M. – Traditional Lemoncello
  • Domras Cup competition site is set up. 250 entries, 3 entries per household. All others have $999 early registration until competition is open on 12/10. 
  • COC: Beer Beauty Pageant: entry 1 keg/5 bu’s, any style, any abv. 2/5/22 at Domras.
  • Zymurgy Article: Assigned to Merideth. TJ to reach out to Buddiemeir and get info where he left off and contacts. David L to support if we need assistance with AHA contacts.
  • David L. dropped off some homebrewing gear to be donated to the club to sell. Henry has the list of purchases. Money goes back to the SBL general fund. Items are in the hallway to the brew shop.
  • National Homebrew Con in Pittsburgh (6/22-6/25) this year so SBL should participate and produce around 15 kegs (75 bu’s) for club and hospitality night. Vince, Stovall, Gene, and Scott elected to this committee.
  • Pink Notes / Mike’s Mentionables / Alex’s Assessment:
    • 12/12 Moon River will be holding their Holiday Party. SBL is invited. More details to come.

Old Business:

  • Brewer of the Year award / Competitor of the year in work. Final tally to be completed by Jan meeting. TJ has the barrel staves. Look into club email for reporting this stuff in the future. Any competitions outside of the COC/Domras should be self reported to Sonja E. Email [email protected] to get her contact info.
  • Sample Glassware Orders: See Chandler. $12 a 4 pack.
  • SBL to purchase a few (2-3) brewing books for the SBL library. Books in The Brew Shop, just need to be delivered to the SBL Library. 1 Cider book, 1 how to brew book, 1 yeast book.
  • SBL 2022 May Europe Trip: England to France bus trip with many stops in between. Room and board roughly $1700 single, $3500 double not including airfare. Already have about 20 people, 25 max is the plan. More details in Jan meeting with $600 deposit. Stovall has more details.
  • Sonja: can you look into getting a date for Butterducks Winery tour this winter? Late feb?


2/5 Domras Cup

2/5 Beer Beauty Pageant


Dec – Wilson’s Christmas Stammtisch

Jan – 1/15 TJ’s New Year Stammtisch

Feb – Domras

March – Roger

April – Kyle/Jerry

Upcoming Group Brew Day:

None planned

Barrel Committee: (Gene, Vince, Scott, James):

  • Barrel Project #5: Use same barrel from barrel project #4. Going to be the final beer in this barrel so we will do an Old Bruin beer. 
    • We have a recipe, Cherry Old Brun. There will be an extra cost for cherries for those filling the barrel. Recipe shared on the SBL FB group, look for #barrel project. Plan on filling the barrel. Deadline for this beer’s fermentation is 12/31. Barrel fill sometime in mid January.
    • Barrel relocated to Jonathan’s E house.
    • 10 members Participating, 70 bu’s: Frank (5), Gene (10), Vince (15), Bill (5), Chris P. (5), Kyle/Jerry (10), Tom H (5), Roger (5), Tom C (5), Scott (5)
  • Barrel Project #6: Vince/David L. to procure a new reused barrel. Expecting procurement around Jan. Need a storage location for this barrel.
  • New President and Secretary thoughts.

Tech Talk: none

Open Discussion: none