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5/4/22- May Monthly Meeting

“One bottle for four of us,Thank God there’s no more of us!”
Guest/New Members:28 members and 0 guest attended

Who is brewing? Club total: 279
Upcoming Events:
4/30 April Stammtisch Kyle and Jerry (120 bluffside circle savannah 31404) 4pm – till
5/4 May Monthly Meeting @ MRBC 7:30pm
5/7 Big Brew Day at Moon River Garden (Noon – 5)
5/14 May Stammtisch Tom Hadjin @ tybee
6/1 June Monthly Meeting @ MRBC 7:30
6/?? June Stammtisch need a host
6/22-6/25 National Homebrew Conference Pittsburgh, PA
7/6 July Big Brew Competition @ MRBC 6:30
7/6 July Monthly Meeting @ MRBC 7:30
7/23 July Stammtisch Cheryl and Dave Holesovsky
7/23 Mid-Year Beer Competition
8/6 Mead day
11/5 Learn how to brew day

New Business:

Spotlight Brewery:

Committee Discussion:

Pink Points / Mike’s Mentionables / Alex’s Assessment

Treasurer’s Report (Gene)

National Homebrew Conference in Pittsburg, Pa (Gene)
Signed up for club night, social night, knock out Club night costume is ghost pirate
National Homebrew Con in Pittsburgh (6/22-6/25) this year so SBL should participate and produce around 15 kegs (75 bu’s) for club and hospitality night.
Kegs that are being loaned for the trip must be read by june 11
Gas money will be given to those that carry kegs
Levi has a trailer that could be used to take the kegs and bar

Barrel Committee: (Gene, Vince, Scott, James, Jon E. ):
Barrel Project #5: Use same barrel from barrel project #4. Going to be the final beer in this barrel so we will do an Old Bruin beer. Barrel relocated to Jonathan’s E house.
We have a recipe, Cherry Old Bruin
10 members Participating, 70 bu’s: Frank (5), Gene (10), Vince (15), Bill (5), Chris P. (5), Kyle (5), Tom H (5), Roger (5), Tom C (5), Scott (5)
Barrel Project #5 has been pulled as of 5/22

Barrel Project Alpha 6(sixth run our first barrel) will probably be a lambic of some sort
Barrel Project Beta 1
The club is still on the search for a second barrel
New barrel will be housed at Jonathan’s E house

Zymurgy Article (Meridith)
No update
If you have photos from domras please post them to the FB members only group with the #DomrasCup

Stammtisch April (Kyle and jerry )

Stammtisch May (Tom H. )
2pm – till

Big Brew day
May 7th at Moon River Courtyard Noon – brewing is done
MRBC has graciously decided to give us yeast for the brews and a competition will happen
before the July monthly meeting and the winner will be brewed at Moon River.
We had 5 brewers 3 of which were electric we all used the chico strain except 1 that used the belgian yeast
The competition will be held before the july meeting at 6:30.

Merch interest(Sean Becker and Jimmy Fildes)

About 3 people are looking into different shirt designs and different places to print
Tshirt, Koozies, long sleeves
The shirt will be paid for before the order

Colonial Cup 2022

Mid-year beer (July)
Uber-open cello (august)
O-dark 30 (oct)

Old Business:
Changing of bylaw to affect our tax status

Brewer of the Year award / Competitor of the year in work. Final tally to be completed by Jan meeting. TJ has the barrel staves. Look into club email for reporting this stuff in the future. Any competitions outside of the COC/Domras should be self-reported to Sonja E. Email [email protected] to get her contact info.

May- Tom Hadjin @ tybee
Jun – ??
July – Cheryl and Dave Holesovsky
August – Jonathan E

Upcoming Group Brew Day:

Tech Talk:
Ideas: Fermentation station Laura Potts
Radler TJ Cline
Sanitation Sonja
Pressure Fermentation Lee

General Discussion:
Tshirt discussion was tabled
Next large event we do, maybe brewery tour, or helen trip as a club

Shadowing the president
No interest