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12/22 December Monthly Meeting

Dec Meeting


Toast: If you can’t be merry at Christmas, then you can drive the rest of us home when we are!


Guest/New Members:  35 members 5 new


Who is brewing? Club total: 888 BUs for NOV and 1008 BUs dec

Record 2021 – 1290 BUs


Upcoming  Events:


12/4 Holiday Stammtisch @ Wilson’s 5pm-on

12/7 Domras cup meeting 6:30-7:15 @ MRBC

12/7 December Monthly meeting @MRBC

12/11 Holiday Party @ MRBC

1/4 January domras cup meeting 6:30-7:15 @MRBC

1/4 January Monthly meeting 7:30-9 @MRBC

1/?? January Stammtisch @ TJ Clines

2/1 February domras cup meeting 6:30-7:15 @MRBC

2/1 February Monthly meeting 7:30-9 @MRBC

2/4 Domras Cup




New Business:




Old Business:

  • 2023 competition outside of the club – stovall
    Bill volunteered to head a consolidated Competitions Committee for 2023. Will encompass Iron Brewer, distributing SHA, NHC, and club only competition info, and organizing club efforts to ship or deliver consolidated entries. 


  • Brewer of the Year award / Competitor of the year in work. Final tally to be completed by Jan meeting. Barrel staves delivered. Look into club email for reporting this stuff in the future. Any competitions outside of the COC/Domras should be self-reported to Sonja E. Email [email protected] to get her contact info.
    Last day to send to sonja is Dec 15th.


  • Henry offered a 15% discount for any batch of beer brewed for a competition entry.




 Spotlight Brewery: 

Service did not show up at the Dec meeting we will reschedule

January: coastal empire

Febuary: two tides or southbound

Look at Lot 9


Committee Discussion:

Moon River Brewing company(Alex’s Assessments, Mike’s Mentionable, Pinks Points)



Treasurer’s Report (Gene)



Barrel Committee: (Jon E.):

·         Barrel Project Delta 6 (sixth run our first barrel) Lambic, all contributions currently in barrel. Went into the barrel June 22



·  Barrel Project Echo 1 

Belgian Dark Strong recipe decided on.

The barrel is planning to be filled on Nov.12

Pull date is 2-3 months, tasting will start in January


·  Echo 2

Do we know what we want to do as our next brew?



Zymurgy Article (Meridith)

  • Still waiting to hear back, no update 


Stammtisch Nov(Burns): 

O’dark 30 COC

Winner awards were given out

Stammtisch Dec(Wilson):

Had almost a full 14 year vertical of big foot



Merch interest (Bryan)

Black t-shirts are all sold out

            What does the club want to for 2023?

            More stickers? More glasses? More tshirts? More “Brewers Shirt”?

plan on creating a new sticker for the participants of the barrel projects. 


Domras (chandler)

Domras is February 3rd– 4th we will be having


Competitions committee(Bill):

·  O-dark 30 (NOV Stammtisch) Brewed at Coastal Empire Brewing

Last comp of the year

·  Iron Brewer: consolidated under Competition Committee

o   December: Winter Warmer

o   January: New Year New Beer, Experimental Beer

o   February: Belguim style ale

o   March: Stout

·  2023 Comps

o Come ready at DEC meetings with Early year competition suggestions that will qualify for GABF Pro-Am entries.

o March? May?


Fall Club Germany trip (Chris)

If you are interested in going to Germany reach out to Stovall. Trip is in September, around the clubs 30th annivsary


Registrar (Scott)

If you are interested in shadowing the registrar position, contact Scott. 

He is looking for someone to help with domras and take it over in 2024.




Upcoming Dates:



January: Tjs house


March: Roger Booze March 19th



Beauty comp at domras

Group Brew Day:

Do we want to plan one?






Tech Talk:


January: Cheryl

February: Brewing with Spices by Bill Austin