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4/5 April Monthly Meeting

April Meeting

Toast: ask for a toast
If I should stumble out of this bar, I pray this night is worth the scar!

Guest/New Members: 30 members __ Guest

Who is brewing? 

Record 2022 – 1474.5 BUs

2023 club total 372 BU

3/1 March Monthly meeting 7:30-9 @MRBC

3/12 Collab brew day with Southbound 9:00-1pm (supports CCA)

3/17 St. Patricks day downtown celebration
3/25 March stammtisch @ Roger’s house
4/5  April Monthly meeting 7:30-9 @MRBC
4/15 April stammtisch at jerry and kyles
4/15 Quarter year beer competition

5/3   May Monthly meeting 7:30-9 @MRBC
5/6 May stammtisch @ Matt beckers Tybee island 2pm- till
5/6 Big brew day @costal empire brewing 12-5pm

6/7 June Monthly meeting 7:30-9 @MRBC
6/10 June Stammtisch Bill austin

New Business:
Talk about
A group email service that any member can email and send something to everyone.
Can also do small group like exec council
Decided to look into and also google groups

There is a forum service

Old Business:

  • Brew day at southbound
    Collaboration with South Bound – Peach Pale Ale – proceeds will support CCA. 5-6 members expressed interest in going.
  • Henry offered a 15% discount for any batch of beer brewed for a competition entry.

 Spotlight Brewery: 

Costal empire brewing with andres:

Look at Lot 9

Committee Discussion:

Moon River Brewing company (Alex’s Assessments, Pinks Points, Jeff’s jibberish)

Treasurer’s Report (Gene)

   Chandler did a drawing for tap handles for those who paid their dues. If you have not yet, please do!

The Club is incorporated! We will have a new link on the paypal site soon

 ReBrew is happening (stovall)

July 17th at moon river

We will need 10 gallons per partnership

Low gravity beers, 5% or less

8-10 people, 2 kegs each, water will be here in the next 3 weeks

Registar (Scott)

If you are interested in shadowing the registrar position, contact Scott. 

He is looking for someone to help with domras and take it over in 2024.

Big brew day

May 6th happening at costal empire brewing

The Brew Shop and Coastal Empire Brewing are teaming up for the AHA Big Brew Day on Saturday May 6th.  Brewers are invited to bring their equipment and brew up some delicious wort to demonstrate to others the passion, hobby, of brewing.  Brewzilla has provided a Brewzilla Generation 4 to use and raffle off to raise money for local charity.  More details to follow.  The tickets will be $10 and attendance for the drawing is mandatory to win.  The drawing will held at 5:30 p.m.  Anyone can purchase tickets and win!!

Barrel Committee: (Jon E.):

·         Barrel Project Delta 6 (sixth run our first barrel) Lambic, all contributions currently in barrel. Went into the barrel June 22. We will look at tasting in the coming months

  • Barrel Project Echo 1 

Belgian Dark Strong recipe.

The barrel was is filled on Nov.12

Tasted on 4 MAR, agreed that it is ready. 

Will be pulled on April 29th

  • Echo 2

Will be an American Barleywine. Need to finalize list of brewers and select a fill date.

Fill date is April 29th

 Stammtisch March(Roger): 4PM until his wife tells everyone to leave. Roger is making BBQ, bring your sides. Post in the Facebook group for the address.

Stammtisch APRIL(Kyle and jerry):

 116 Bluffside Cir

Savannah, GA 31404

Merch interest (Bryan)

What do we want?

         More stickers? More glasses? More tshirts? More “Brewers Shirt”?

We can look at setting up a print on demand site and making/ selling shirts, but there would be a standing cost.

Plan on creating a new sticker for the participants of the barrel projects. 

Competitions committee(Bill):

·  Iron Brewer: 

  • March: Irish Stout or Red Ale
  • April: American IPA (Hazy, West Coast, Session, Double, Triple, etc.)
  • May: 2A international pale lager
  • June: 1D american wheat beer

     SHA Competitions

Shamrock Open – Only a few spots left

Colonial Cup – FULL

CASK Beer Blitz – Opened 04 MAR

·  2023 Comps

o April comp that will qualify for GABF Pro-Am entries with Moon River, pending style selection from MRBC.

o Four club participants sent entries off to NHC, thanks to the Becker brothers for making the delivery to Tampa happen!

Upcoming Dates:


January: Tjs house

February: No stammtich, Domras

March: Roger Booze March 25th

April: TKyle and Jerry (Comp)

May: Matt Becker on Tybee

June:  bill austin june 10th

July: Cheryl and dave Mid year beer

April tied to moon river so they can send it to GABF

Group Brew Day:

Do we want to plan one?


 NHC is in San Diego this year, end of June

Tech Talk: vince
Why water is important for brewing and how to get good readings on it.