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June Monthly Meeting Notes 6/7/23

June Meeting

Toast: ask for a toast
May we get what we want, what we need, and never what we deserve.

Guest/New Members: 22 members __ Guest

Who is brewing? 

Record 2022 – 1474.5 BUs

2023 club total 551 BU


6/7 June Monthly meeting 7:30-9 @MRBC
6/24 June Stammtisch Bill Austin 3-8pm
6/22-24 NHC San diego Cal

7/12 July monthly meeting 7:30-9 @MRBC
7/15 Stammtisch at Holesovsky household

7/15 Mid year beer competition at Holesovsky household

8/2 August monthly meeting 7:30-9 @MRBC

8/19 August stammtisch at Eckles 

8/19 Uber Open(limoncello competition) at Eckles 

10/14 Bourbon, Blues, Brews, and BBQs

New Business:
Google groups 

For the rest of 2023 the Club will use google groups. I will send an email about joining and next meeting we will do a simple how to use it.
The email will be

COC Stickers

The club is interested in doing stickers for category winners in COC and still doing ribbons for BOS this was tabled till the June meeting for more information.

Old Business:

  • Henry offered a 15% discount for any batch of beer brewed for a competition entry.

 Spotlight Brewery: 

Committee Discussion:

Moon River Brewing company (Alex’s Assessments, Pinks Points, Jeff’s jibberish)

Treasurer’s Report (Gene)

 ReBrew is happening (stovall)

CANCELLED Give Stovall the floor
The Water is going to be used for the O’Dark 30 competition.

30 th year anniversary committee (Vince,TJ,Chris B, and Henry)
We want to do something around savannah

Registar (Scott)

If you are interested in shadowing the registrar position, contact Scott. 

He is looking for someone to help with domras and take it over in 2024.

Big brew day

May 6th happening at costal empire brewing

The Brew Shop and Coastal Empire Brewing are teaming up for the AHA Big Brew Day on Saturday May 6th.  Brewers are invited to bring their equipment and brew up some delicious wort to demonstrate to others the passion, hobby, of brewing.  Brewzilla has provided a Brewzilla Generation 4 to use and raffle off to raise money for local charity.  More details to follow.  The tickets will be $10 and attendance for the drawing is mandatory to win.  The drawing will held at 5:30 p.m.  Anyone can purchase tickets and win!!

NHC 2023 San diego

If you are going and havent talk to any of the other members(6 members going right now)

Vince is looking to split a room with another person reachout if you are interested

Barrel Committee: (Jon E.):

  • Barrel Project 
    • Delta 6 

 Lambic June 22-

Need to talk about pulling

  • Barrel Project 
    • Echo 1 

Belgian Dark Strong recipe. 11/12/22 – 4/30/23

  • Echo 2

American Barleywine recipe 4/30/23 – 

Stammtisch May(Matt Becker):

Great time with the derby and out on tybee

Stammtisch JUNE(Bill Austin):

6/24 bring some homebrew equipment

Merch interest 

What do we want?

         More stickers? More glasses? More tshirts? More “Brewers Shirt”?

We can look at setting up a print on demand site and making/ selling shirts, but there would be a standing cost.

Plan on creating a new sticker for the participants of the barrel projects. 

Competitions committee(Bill):

·  Iron Brewer: 

  • May: 2A international pale lager
  • June: 1D american wheat beer
  • July:   pale ale

     SHA Competitions

·  2023 Comps

o April comp that will qualify for GABF Pro-Am entries with Moon River, pending style selection from MRBC.

o Four club participants sent entries off to NHC, thanks to the Becker brothers for making the delivery to Tampa happen!

Upcoming Dates:


January: Tjs house

February: No stammtich, Domras

March: Roger Booze March 25th

April: TKyle and Jerry (Comp)

May: Matt Becker on Tybee

June:  Bill Austin june 24th

July: Cheryl and dave Mid year beer July 15th

August: Jon E and uber open


October:  Stovall Oct 2nd

November:  Burns

December: Wilson


Mid year beer July
Uber open August

Odark30 November