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4/3/19 April Meeting Notes

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St. Pat’s Stammtisch:

Six people showed up with other members stopping by to say “hi” at the location mentioned for the event. Maybe more next year when we can represent with our club shirts!


Combine Group Brew with Stammtisch similar to TJ’s Place. Gene and Sonja are tentative for Sunday, April 28th. Neil is tentative for a date on May 25th. June, July, and Aug are open for members to host a stammtisch.

Who’s Brewing?

Gene had talked about brewing on his new system and Tom Chenock talked about two beers (a Kolsch and ESB). With the ESB he plans to use the yeast for a barleywine.


Check the website for all events and competitions plus news, etc. Items are still on facebook but we’re keeping all information on the club’s website calendar.


Club Shirts:

18 shirts and 13 people (had 18 at last meeting) responded so far about Club Shirts. Neil has sent out orders to vendor.

Summer Suds:

We are going to sort of resurrect this… the discussion and decision when Kevin Ryan presented was this:

  • We will have a ≤1.060 competition at the Legion on either July 5th or 20th – Kevin is looking into this and will let Neil know and this will be mentioned at the SBL meeting.The winner of this competition will have their beer brewed at Moon River Brewing Company.
  • The plan is that we will also be able to provide kegs and participate along with other breweries in helping raise money for the Legion’s elevator project.
  • We will move the O’Dark ’30 (will now be ≥ 30SRM) to November where we will have this beer judged at Moon River and the winner will be brewed at Service Brewing.


TJ looked into doing a SAV BrewsCruise. Prices are $56 per person, Maximum of 13 people. If we get 7 or more people, we will find out about the group rate. Includes 3 stops. Four people seemed interested by a show of hands. Many thought the price was high. Vince mentioned he will look into a different bus and speak to Wayne (?) about other options too.


Alex, one of the servers at our regular meetings at Moon River, just graduated from the Siebel Institute and received a certificate in Brewing Technology, congratulations!


(Event postings and competitions are on the SBL website Calendar)

April 10th 4pm-7pm is Moon River’s 20th anniversary party

April 17 6:30pm Beer School Beginner 101 @ Moon River

April 18 6:30-8pm The Legion Competition planning meeting @ Service Brewing

April 26 5-7pm SBL Brewery Take Over @ Two Tides

April 27 SHA Colonial Cup beer competition

April 28 Taxman Stammtisch @ Gene and Sonja’s <tentative>

May 1st 7:30pm-9pm SBL monthly meeting @ Southbound. Planning meeting for Big Brew Day.

May 4th 10am-4pm AHA Big Brew Day at Southbound Brewing. Neil is confirmed for brewing. Need some other brewers to bring their equipment and brew.

May 11th SHA US Open beer competition

May 25th May Day stammtisch @ Neil’s <tentative>

June 5th 7:30pm-9pm SBL monthly meeting @ Moon River

June 8th Summer Sizzler beer competition

June 19th Beer School Off Flavors @ Moon River

July 20th Beer Competition @ The American Legion Post 135

Aug 3rd National Mead Day @ Bee-Town

Aug 10th Uber Open Limoncello competition

Oct 12th Veteran Brew Day @ Service Brewing

Nov 2nd Learn How to Brew Day @ Coastal Empire


Presenter: VINCE B.

Excellent content and valuable information was shared by Vince B. and Chris S. It was really beneficial having John P., Kevin R., and Justin C. there to comment on their experiences and knowledge of hops. Vince may be doing another in May on a different subject as they all gear up for BCJP certifications.

As always, if you have any questions about this or any Savannah Brewers League info please let me know.