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6/5/19 June Meeting Notes

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@ Moon River Brewing Company

We had a good turn out yesterday at the Savannah Brewers League with 20 members attending and 3 new guests. Neil D. started everything off to a toast to the remembrance of the 75th D-Day invasion.


  • So just to recap on some of the events that occurred during May:

–          May 4th AHA Big Brew Day at Southbound Brewing Company with Gene E., Jeremy B. and Neil D. brewing

–          May 17th SBL Pub take over at WOB Pooler

–          May 18th Southbound Brewing Company’s 6th anniversary where the SBL hosted a homebrewers table for Questions and Answers

–          May 25th Neil D. hosted a group brew and Mayday Stammtisch in Pooler with TJ C., Scott B., and Neil D. brewing in 104 degree heat outside! Chris S. held a triangle test on water profiles. The SBL answered Neil’s Mayday call and helped him finish off some stagnate supply and make room for some new brews.


  • We still need a member to host a Group Brew and Stammtisch for June and July. Scott B., is penciled in for July.

New/Old Business

  • Brews Cruise: 13 people per tour max. $15 per person. Need to pick a date for event: June 22, 23, 29, or 30 12-6pm. There is a poll on the SBL Members Only FB group so pick one if you can make it participate in the poll or email with your answer.
  • New SBL website: Chris W. (SBL Webmaster) is working on a new and faster website. A couple of members have requested that an image gallery be made public for new member recruitment and to share photos from club events. It was mentioned that Facebook SBL Member Only group is a better source for sharing photos, however, some members do not participate in social media. Some discussion was had about the importance of protecting self-images. A question was raised if there was any members present who wishes to not have their image on the internet to raise their hand or notify us at a later point in time. Those members will be noted and removed from all past and present photos published by SBL. If you wish to add your name to this list please let us know at TJ C. has committed to maintain this SBL photo library once it is created on the new SBL website.
  • Lift the Legion event: Friday July 5th, time TBD. The event is a go, SBL will be riding the coat tails of the American Legion on this and holding a homebrew competition prior to the event. The winner of the homebrew competition will have their winning beer brewed by Moon River at a later date this year. All 5 local breweries have signed up to also serve at this event. After the competition and during the Legion event, homebrew will be sectioned off and held for a People’s Choice award where general admission ticket holders can vote for their favorite beer. The SBL will need volunteers, homebrew, judges, and stewards. Let us know if you’re interested in participating.
  • Ken K. from Ghost Coast Distillery stopped by and offered up an recently emptied 53 gallon bourbon barrel for the SBL’s next barrel project. A discussion on what to put in the barrel came next with all submissions and recipes can be sent to or posted on the SBL Members Only Facebook group. Once all submissions and recipes have been submitted a vote will be taken and the winner announced. This barrel project will require 12 brewers to make 53-60 brewing units to be combined in the barrel for a given amount of time. TJ C. has a list of 14 brewers who have committed to this cause.
  • At the May SBL Pub take over, our treasurer Kelly K. announced he would be vacating the office of treasurer and moving to Michigan. At the 6/6 meeting, we formally announced this information to the club, created a couple of nominations, discussed the nominations, held a club vote, and elected Gene E. the treasurer.
  • At the next event, 6/7 SBL Pub take over, again at World of Beer (WOB) Pooler 6-8pm, the SBL wishes to thank Kelly K. for his years of service to the club. A motion was held and carried for the club to pay for an Uber for Kelly K. from his Pooler address to WOB Pooler and then back to his home.
  • New Banner, T-Shirts, Patches, etched glassware, and Stickers: James Poole is in discussions with a local vendor who will quote us for these types of products.
  • For those looking for homebrew competitions to enter, there is 3 coming up. Sunshine Challenge (Orlando), Summer Sizzler (NC), and Hogtown (Alachua). See the SBL website calendar for more details.
  • 2019 Savannah Craft Brew Festival is canceled by Red Mountain.


Upcoming Events

  • 6/7 SBL Pub Take Over @ World Of Beer Pooler 6-8pm
  • 6/19 Moon River’s Beer School – Off flavors class 6:30-9:30pm
  • June Brew Day Stammtisch – TBD
  • Lift the Legion Homebrew Competition July 5th @ Bull Street Legion Post 135
  • Lift the Legion Charity event July 5th @ Bull Street Legion Post 135
  • 8/3 National Mead Day @ Bee-Town Meadery in Bluffton SC
  • Aug Uber Open Limoncello competition @ Chris S. house in Georgetown
  • 10/12 Service Brewing Veteran’s Day Collaboration
  • 11/2 Learn To Brew Day @ Coastal Empire Brewing Company


Tech Talk

  • Chris S. taught and provided a PowerPoint presentation on how to build a water profile for brewing, the key ingredients in beer, surrounding areas tap water profile and what styles are best with untreated tap water, results from the Mayday brew day triangle test results

In closing, brew what you like, brew what you love, brew for the beautiful things in life, and brew for those you love.


Savannah Brewers League Secretary