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7/13/19 July Meeting Notes

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7:30 pm @ Moon River Brewing Company


Although a lot of the members were out spending the 4th of July with their families we managed to round up 14 people to hold a July meeting.


Upcoming events:

·         Brew Day / Stammtisch @ Neil’s on 7/13 at 10 am. Please coordinate with Neil if you plan on brewing.

·         Mid Year Beer Competition @ Neil’s on 7/13 at 11 am. This was the “Lift the Legion” BJCP competition that we were going to hold on 7/5 before the “Lift the Legion” charity event but all “Lift the Legion” events have been canceled for SBL. In an effort to still hold a mid year competition, like we did last year, we have renamed this event and rescheduled it for the sake of the club and its members. All entries shall be entered into the competition website upon the start of the competition. We currently have 13 entries with 6 participants and 50% of the entries have been dropped off. We will also need judges and a steward to help with this competition. All comp info is on the competition website, see it for more details.

·         Triangle test @ Neil’s on 7/13 at 1 pm

·         National Mead Day @ Bee-Town Mead and Cider in Bluffton, SC on 8/3 at 6 pm, stammtisch rules apply. This will be a joint event with the LowCountry MALTs.

o   For those interested in making some Mead, Bee-Town will provide 5 gal mixed mead must at potential 11.5%, QA23 house yeast, Go Ferm, and Fermaid O nutrient for $30.00. Bring your own pail or carboy. This might get some interested in making mead for Domras. You can do anything to the must. Add fruit, spices, etc. Payment in advance to Gene by August 1 so we can plan how much honey we need.

·         Looking for ideas for a July Pub takeover, please contact TJ or Neil with your suggestions.

·         SBL Aug meeting 8/7 at 7:30 in Moon River’s Basement

·         Uber Open Limoncello only competition in Aug (final date to be determined) at Chris S. house in Georgetown.

·         See more upcoming events on the SBL Calendar


Member questions:

·         Are we still holding an O’Dark 30 beer competition? Yes, it is currently scheduled for November.

·         SBL Barrel Project: If you raised your hand last month to support the Barrel Project (14 people) and said that you would brew, please do so. The SBL is depending on YOU to do your part and brew to fill the donated 53 gallon bourbon barrel from Ghost Coast which will take a minimum 12 members. So far 3 people have already brewed their batches with 4 more planning to it this weekend. Last day for brewing should be 7/13.  1 or 2 batches will be brewed at Neil’s which means we are still 4 batches short. I have attached the Belgium Triple recipe that we are brewing for this Barrel Project. If you need yeast, contact Justin or Neil before 7/13. If you have any questions about this please let me know.

·         When will we fill the barrel? Late July, date still to be determined.

·         Have we picked up the barrel? No not yet, but when we do we will create an event to clean, taste test batches, and fill the barrel. James P. will be storing the barrel for the club and once filled and we will periodically do taste test to determine when we will remove it from the barrel. From there it will be divided up among those who contributed. Please be aware of the “angel share” (absorption, spillage, testing, etc.), so if you contributed 5 gallons that doesn’t mean you will get 5 gallons out. We will try to distribute what is left equally among those who contributed. We also recommend that members enter some of portion into some SHA and other beer competitions.


Further Updates:

·         We are still looking for someone to host a Stammtisch in October. So far our stammtisch schedule is all booked except for October. We do not have any stammtisch openings until February. Aug – Scott B., Oct – OPEN, Nov – Tom H., Dec – Wilson, Jan – TJ, Feb – Open, Mar – OPEN.

·         Need to look into AHA insurance rules on how to get free insurance for the club. Supposedly if there is a certain percentage of SBL members that are AHA members then the SBL will get its club insurance waved ($150). So far it looks like we have 7.

·         SBL is doing better in the SHA standings. We are currently tied for 10th place and are currently waiting on the latest update where Jeremy’s 2 golds will count to that new update. Currently SBL holds 1st-4th place in the Mead and Cider maker of the year award with Chris S. leading the pack.

·         Jerald’s Savannah Homebrew Shoppe will be closing on Sept 14. Jerald will be sending out a final call email prior to closing up but we recommend getting your stuff from him prior to Sept. There is also seems to be interest in throwing a going away party for Jerald, more details to come.

Yours in beer,