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The Joys of Homebrewing

As some of you may have heard, we were a topic in this months Connect Savannah paper. This is the 3rd time our club has been featured. You can check it out by clicking on the link below.

11/4/2020 November Meeting Notes

SBL Monthly Meeting 11/4/2020 7:30pm @ MRBC Toast: “May neighbors respect you, trouble neglect you, the angels protect you, and heaven accept you.” Guest/New Members: Chris B., Jimmy, Tom & Cheryl Who is brewing? 1,030 bu’s NEW CLUB RECORD!!! Recap: 10/7 Oct Monthly Meeting @ Moon River Brewing Company 7:30pm 10/24 Octoberfest / O’Dark 30… Read More »11/4/2020 November Meeting Notes

10/7/2020 October Meeting Notes

SBL Monthly Meeting 10/7/2020 7:30pm @ MRBC Octoberfest Toast: “Oans” (one), “zwoa” (two), “drei” (three), “g’suffa” (drink), “Prost” (cheers)!!” Guest/New Members: Jimmy, Josh, Sylvie, Thomas, Chris B., David L (returning Ex-President) new member Who is brewing? 898.5 bu’s. Recap: 9/2 Sept Monthly Meeting @ Moon River Brewing Company 7:30pm 9/23 27th SBL Anniversary @ O’Connell’s… Read More »10/7/2020 October Meeting Notes

9/2/2020 Sept Meeting Notes

@ MRBC 7:30pm Toast: “Here’s to your nose, here’s to your chin, here’s to the hole in-between it goes in!” Guest/New Members: Marion, Jodi Who is brewing? 833.5 bu’s. Recap: 8/5 8/12 Aug Monthly Meeting @ Moon River Brewing Company 7:30pm 8/22 11am Uber Open 4 @ Stovall’s 9/2 Sept Monthly Meeting @ Moon River… Read More »9/2/2020 Sept Meeting Notes

8/12/2020 August Meeting Notes

SBL Monthly Meeting 8/12/2020 7:30pm @ MRBC Toast: “Here’s to staying positive and testing negative” Skoal! Guest/New Members: Dan (new paid member), Tony, Andreas, Keith Who is brewing? We broke the 2019 record of 804.5 bu’s!!! 820.5 bu’s. Recap: 7/1 July Monthly Meeting 7/18 Mid-Year Beer Comp / Stammtisch @ Patrick’s 8/1 Mead Day –… Read More »8/12/2020 August Meeting Notes

7/1/2020 July Meeting Notes

SBL Virtual Meeting 7/1 7:30pm German Toast: “Euch ist bekannt was wir bedürfen, wir wollen starke Getränke schlürfen!“ Translation: “You know what we need is to gulp down a strong drink!“ Toast First! Its rude to drink before a toast. Clink with the bottom of your glass, in Germany most glasses are thicker at the… Read More »7/1/2020 July Meeting Notes

Who is the SBL?

Some of you may be wondering who is the SBL (Savannah Brewers League)? Good thing we updated our brochure.

6/3/2020 – June Virtual Monthly Meeting Notes

6/3/2020 – Jun Virtual Monthly Meeting Notes Toast: “The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind” – Humphrey Bogart We had 14 members call into the virtual meeting. Everyone seemed eager to sit back and talk beer for a change of pace.  Guest/New Members: Kyle joined for his first meeting… Read More »6/3/2020 – June Virtual Monthly Meeting Notes

5/6/20 May Meeting Notes

OPENING TOAST: We had 16 members call in to the meeting and 1 guest. Guest: Duncan Bryant from AHA Who’s Brewing? 16 brewers, 37 batches, 179.75 bu’s in 4 weeks! TJ: Paulaner Hef Clone, American IPA, Chris M.: Hydromel, Parish Canebrake Clone, PB&J mead, Wild Dewberry Patrick M.: Milkshake IPA, Hazy IPA, NEIPA, Hazy IPA… Read More »5/6/20 May Meeting Notes

4/1/20 April Meeting Notes

4/1 7:30pm Virtual Meeting Our Virtual April meeting was successful and we had 17 member join us on the cloud. Opening Toast: “There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met” Guest Discussion: Who is new? Please introduce yourself, how long have you been brewing or not brewing, what are you brewing next? Who’s… Read More »4/1/20 April Meeting Notes

3/4/20 March Monthly Meeting Notes

Toast: “You’re here!!!” We had 26 members and 2 guests attend this meeting. Kody, our winner of the homebrew kit from November’s Learn How to Homebrew day attending this meeting and is eager to make the move into homebrewing. Who’s Brewing? John F, TJ, Neil, James, Vince, Scott, Roger, Patrick & Aaron, and many more.… Read More »3/4/20 March Monthly Meeting Notes

2/5/2020 February Meeting Notes

We had another very informative monthly meeting and a recap of the previous weekend (2/1) 22nd Annual Domras Cup. We had 25 members and 2 guest attend this meeting even a special surprise guest speaker from across the pond. Toast: To another successful Domras Cup event… and to all our sponsors who we couldn’t host… Read More »2/5/2020 February Meeting Notes