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8/7/19 Aug Meeting Notes

SBL monthly meeting @ Moon River Brewing Company   Opening toast Recap: July 13th we had the group brew with Neil the single brewer at Neil’s house. At this group brew we had a stammtisch and our 2019 Mid Year Beer completion where Vince B won first place with a Golden Ale he threw together,… Read More »8/7/19 Aug Meeting Notes

7/13/19 July Meeting Notes

7:30 pm @ Moon River Brewing Company   Although a lot of the members were out spending the 4th of July with their families we managed to round up 14 people to hold a July meeting.   Upcoming events: ·         Brew Day / Stammtisch @ Neil’s on 7/13 at 10 am. Please coordinate with Neil… Read More »7/13/19 July Meeting Notes

6/5/19 June Meeting Notes

@ Moon River Brewing Company We had a good turn out yesterday at the Savannah Brewers League with 20 members attending and 3 new guests. Neil D. started everything off to a toast to the remembrance of the 75th D-Day invasion.   So just to recap on some of the events that occurred during May:… Read More »6/5/19 June Meeting Notes

5/1/19 May Meeting Notes

Savannah Brewers League Monthly Meeting Notes 5/1/2019 7:30 pm Held at Southbound Brewing Company   ·         21 people attended the monthly meeting with only 1 guest. ·         We first started the night out trying to hold the meeting out in the bier garden but the sand gnats were over coming and had to move inside… Read More »5/1/19 May Meeting Notes

4/3/19 April Meeting Notes

St. Pat’s Stammtisch: Six people showed up with other members stopping by to say “hi” at the location mentioned for the event. Maybe more next year when we can represent with our club shirts! Stammtisch: Combine Group Brew with Stammtisch similar to TJ’s Place. Gene and Sonja are tentative for Sunday, April 28th. Neil is… Read More »4/3/19 April Meeting Notes

March Meeting Notes 3/6/19

@ Moon River Brewing Company ·         A Pre-meeting was held by Chris S. and Vince B. to prep those who are attending National Homebrew Conference (NHC) and taking the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) exam in Providence Rhode Island on June 27-29. They will be hosting another pre-meeting on April 3 at 6:30 pm in… Read More »March Meeting Notes 3/6/19

2/6/19 Feb Meeting Notes

Roughly 25 members in attendance with 1 guest Who is brewing? Jeremy B. – Vienna Lager Gerald J. – 4 IPAs, 1 Porter Tom H. – Wisenbock Neil and Jeremy recently ordered large bags of malt for some upcoming brews they are planning. Neil has stepped up and acquired a monster mash mill for crushing… Read More »2/6/19 Feb Meeting Notes

January Meeting Minutes 1/2/19

There was a pre-meeting before the regular meeting for organizing club members for the Domras Cup competition mead only event on 2/2/2019. Information for the pre-meeting will be sent in a separate email to SBL members. Overall it was a great meeting with 26 attendees running 115 minutes long. Moon River’s cask of the night… Read More »January Meeting Minutes 1/2/19

2018 December Newsletter

If you missed the December meeting at Moon River then you missed a great one… and John Pinkerton in yoga pants holding Moon River’s own “Sparkle Britches” glitter beer. That last part I still want to forget, lol. We had an outstanding showing of members at the last meeting, 35 people! Which was great because… Read More »2018 December Newsletter

Learn To Homebrew Day

Learn to Homebrew Day was established by the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) in 1999 to encourage homebrewers to introduce their non-brewer friends and family to the most rewarding hobby, obsession and lifestyle since the beginning of time! Come learn how to Homebrew with your local pros! Savannah Brewers League and Service Brewing Company will joined… Read More »Learn To Homebrew Day

Are you a AHA member?

The Savannah Brewers League needs club members to join the AHA To help generate extra revenue for Savannah Brewers League, we encourage club members to join the AHA (American Homebrewers Association) through your club’s custom membership referral page listed below: Join the AHA Savannah Brewers League will receive $5.00 from the AHA for every new… Read More »Are you a AHA member?